Hi there,

It's that time of year again and it's CRAFTATHON ... 2016 venue is going to be the home of our 2016 organiser - thank you Jan.

Jan welcomed us to Craftathon 2016 by making this banner

Day 1 - let crafting comment
L-R: Wynneth, Jan, Debs

DAY 1 - it's getting dark

Day 2: With the additional attendees
L-R: Wynneth, Nicola, Jan, Debs and Catherine
My Hatton Box

Catherine's Hatton Box
Wynneth's Hatton Box and matchbox (one of the shoebox projects)
Debbie's Hatton Box and matchbox

Jan's main project as there weren't enough Hatton Boxes 

My take on Debbie's shoe box project (mini books), Nicola's (matchbox) and Wynneth's (spoon dolly)
Catherine's take on Debbie's mini books



Sarn said...

Looks like you all had a wonderfully creative and inspiring time together. xxx

serendipity said...

It was a great weekend - thank you for coming. I really enjoyed having you all here, and I loved trying out new (to me) media.
Looking forward to the next one