Craftathon 2017 was being held in Abingdon in March - see below

We've hired the hall (Northcourt Centre) and booked the hotel rooms (at the nearby Premier Inn), decided on our main project

I prepared my shoebox project, a mini monolith (see below) and make up four "kits" for each of my fellow attendees to make something similar. I should, hopefully, return home with my tea box completed along with my fellow attendees four shoe box projects too

I'm packed and ready for the off ..

ALWAYS take too much but each year I try to cut it down!

Now, let crafting commence! And do stop back on Monday for some pix

This looks serious . Debbie and Catherine
Cherry, wasting no time getting started
Catherine's shoebox project
Jan's shoebox project
Cherry's shoe box project
Ready to roll
I'd moved in! Looks like I'm stopping a while!
Cherry was the ONLY one of us who'd left room for pudding!!!
Jan and Catherine hard at work
Debbie, pondering the inponderables!
Cherry found time to lark about between crafting!
My makes
Still got quite a bit to do at home to finish, thus proving (YET AGAIN) I'm rubbish
at narrowing down stash to take to Craftathon - maybe NEXT YEAR!
Debbie's makes
Catherine's makes
Cherry's makes
Who left that chocolate so close to Jan's shoebox project?

The hotel endeavoured to atone for their "issue" - hmmm

It was a FABULOUS weekend and I can hardly wait for Craftathon 2018 - MANY thanks to Debbie for organising it and to Catherine, Cherry, Debbie and Jan for making it such fun - thank you ladies


Jane Willis said...

It looks as if you all had a wonderful tine and created some stunning projects!

Christi Conley said...

Oh I want to play too! I fear I'd be with Cherry, pudding is TOO good to waste! Beautiful projects - thanks so much for sharing :) xo Christi