FLORIDA May 2019

Recently returned from a fab vacation in Florida - but, oh my! THE HEAT - it's been in the 90°'s (fahrenheit) and I am SOOOOO not built to cope with those temperatures.

Still, if you would like to join me on my vacation then check out the pix below and thanks so much for stopping by

Just back from a trip to Florida, want to see some pix? If yes, scroll down .....

Took this pic, my first view of Florida as we approached the airport!
A trip to Eustis always means I get to drop by MFT
Fountain Green Park
A short walk to the lake!

A beautiful day
And looking from the lake back towards MFT
Lunch was at Tillie's bar and grill
And a beautiful walk around the lake at Celebration

A panoramic view

Enjoying lunch "al fresco" at the Red Mesa Cantina
The outdoor bar at the restaurant
It was right next door to one of my favourite independent craft stores
Beautiful sunshine over the Gandy Bridge
Oh My! One of the big box stores - almost looks like it's closing ... yet it isn't!
Thankfully, not all the stores I visited were as bare as the one above. I nipped in to another independent craft store, in Lakeland ..

The mighty Violette's on Cleveland Heights
Another beautiful day in the sunshine state, actually it hit 90° which isn't ideal
for shopping (me) or for an air show (hubby)
And a trip to the east coast

Vero Beach
Vero Beach
Vero Beach
Squidlips, Cocoa Beach
And .... the catfish!
One such thing was a trip to Winter Park and a boat trip courtesy of scenic boat tours, based on Lake Osceola, please join me, if you will

Welcome to Scenic Boat Tours!

Lake Osceola
Canal from Lake Osceola to Lake Virginia
Lake Virginia
Canal waterway back to Lake Osceola
Osprey in a Cypress tree on Lake Maitland - yes, those baubles
ARE Christmas baubles - guessing the Osprey didn't put them there though!
Venetian Canal between Lake Maitland and Lake Osceola
Downtown Winter Park
A rather attractive railway station in downtown Winter Park
Putting the PARK in Winter Park
An "Indian" motorcycle, not sure I've seen one in real life before -
just in the movie "The World's fastest Indian"
I feel this looks more like an art deco theatre than a Pottery Barn

I've just returned from vacation and, yes, I DID return with new stash - wanna see?

From Violette's
From Tuesday Morning
From MFT
From Whimsodoodle
And some more pix ... an "off the beaten track" restaurant right on the lake

View from our table
The wall art
View from outside the restaurant, looking north
And looking south
And a trip to Winter Garden (historic district) resulted in these pix

The Crooked Can craft brewery
And we came across this kitty, out for a walk (complete with harness and leash)
with it's owner, though it was happy to be petted!
Historic Winter Garden
And a visit to Lake Minneola .... it was lovely OUR side of the lake but we stood watching the lightning on the far side
Lake Minneola
Lake Minneola
A pleasant lunch in downtown Kissimmee

Three Sisters Speakeasy
Artwork under construction

And we picked up a hitch-hiker!

And a trip to the Audubon Bird of Prey rescue centre

The lake that the Audubon Bird of Prey rescue centre is beside - beautiful, isn't it?

Thanks so much for joining me, hope you enjoyed your visit


Sarn said...

Fantastic trip . . . Terrific photos . . . Thanks for sharing. USA craft stores certainly are large! The lakes and canals are amazing. Xxx

Pat said...

Great photos of the beautiful scenery and some wonderful crafty stash to bring homme too. TFS Kathy. x