As a certain blue crafting friend might say - WOO HOO AND LET JOY BE UNCONFINED, a whole bunch of crafters and I are getting together in February 2011!!!

We've booked almost the entire accommodation and most of the workshop too!!! Where are we going? Well, we're off to Dawn Bibby's Design Studio in Lancashire on the weekend of February 18th/19th/20th - sorry partners, we KNOW how much you would love to join us but you're just going to have to stay home! There are SIX of us booked on the workshop - a Darkroom Door workshop presented by Rachel Greig from Australia and we're all hugely looking forward to it.

We'd mooted a meeting of like minded crafters several times over the last year as I had hosted a couple at my home, meeting Lauren and Wynneth and crafting like crazy!, but my poor dining room struggled to cope with the three of us with all our craft "stash" so once more people started saying how they would like to come along . . . . hmm - where to go!

THEN I saw Dawn Bibby's blog where she mentioned that a private workshop is do-able for between eight and twelve people and I thought this might be perfect so selected a couple of dates . . .  ten people expressed a serious interest - a perfect number, so I started to roll out a few plans. THEN I got more information about the dates we'd selected being one for an organised workshop and bookings were being taken - so we had to move F A S T! . . . . naturally there are a few for whom circumstances have changed or who simply couldn't commit to those dates and, before the workshop filled, we ended up being able to get seven rooms and seven spaces - boy, are we crafters committed ..... and fast! I'm not sure the couple running the B&B we're staying at are quite sure what they've let themselves in for but they have kindly agreed to let us use their dining room to craft, once the other guest/s (in the ONE room we DIDN'T book!) have cleared - jolly kind of them I reckon.

So, that will be me, Cherry, Debs, Jacqueline, Karen and Wynneth off to Accrington then - and, frankly, we can't wait!!! I'm sure we'll have a ball - get on like a house on fire and hardly be able to wait till the next one!!! We're sorry for all the people who would have liked to come but couldn't but hope you'll be able to make the next one, which may be HUGE!

Stand by for photos by the gazillion!!!

Thanks for stopping by and do check back on this page after the 20th of Feb for a virtual tour of the weekend with us!!!

14th February - Updated to read: it's now only FOUR more sleeps and we're all starting to get excited. We've more or less decided what we're all taking and how/when/where we're meeting so it's starting to get really (no, REALLY) close. It's unfortunate that Lauren has had to drop out but understandable - we'll chuck some glitter about in her honour whilst we're there!!!

And now it's been and gone ..... we had an absolute ball - do check out my postings on th e20th and 21st of February to see JUST how much fun we had!