OH YEAH!!! We're going to be doing it again in 2013!

This year it's being organised by Clare and we're going to Hereford! Be nice for a change, 2011 was Accrington and 2012 was Bristol.

We're assembling on Friday February 22nd and hotel's booked for the Friday and Saturday nights - BRING IT ON!

Keep an eye on this page for more details as the time approaches!

Well, it's getting closer - it's just two weeks now (this update written Feb 8th) and we now have a list of materials to bring to the party (sorry, craftathon). Some I was going to be taking already and some new things - there's talk of cake too! YUMMMMMMM it's not going to be a weekend for weight loss methinks - hope you'll all join us (in a virtual sense).

Travel plans have been discussed and, where necessary, train tickets purchased. There have been discussions over who's bringing what (I'm on the biscuit run as I DON'T bake!!!), that tables have been booked for dinner and breakfast and we've submitted our food likes and dislikes for our lunch order. Oh yes, it's really beginning to look like it's happening .... memo to self DO NOT FORGET TO PACK CAMERA (and ensure it's fully charged)!

Lauren came to my home on the train and Debs by car and we car shared onwards to Hereford, arriving at 15:30 and the fun started then. We all met up in the bar of the hotel's restaurant and chatted like it was only yesterday we last met.

We were so pleased to be joined by Sir Andy of Stafford, his son (Ian) and daughter in law (Celia). It made for a lively dinner ......

The gang's all here including Sir Andy of Stafford, his son and his daughter in law!
This was taken Friday evening at our restaurant table
There's Ian and Celia across the front and then left (front to back) Cherry, Lauren, Debs and Clare
right front to back are Celia, Andy, Wynneth and I

Breakfast was booked for 08:00 as we all wanted to get cracking ....... Clare appeared to lead the convoy to the school hall for the days craftathon - but we started, as we often do, with a cuppa!!!
In the school hall, Debs (left) and Cherry working away

Wynneth and dad (Sir Andy of Stafford)

Clare and Lauren feeling cold and Wynneth in the background

Panoramic of the school hall which was ours for the day

Lunch break over and it was on with QUILTING and NEEDLE FELTING! taught by Wynneth
Just how much stash can six people bring to Craftathon?
It seemed that the day flashed past as we all tried things we'd never tried before, some good, some great and some ....... well, suffice it to say my days of drawing trees are sooooooooooooo OVER!!!!

It was back to the hotel for a freshen up before heading off to a restaurant within a leisure centre about 20 minutes drive away in Fownhope - thank you so much for driving Clare and Cherry

Did somebody say ..... BUTTONS!!!! Cherry models a button bracelet

Exhausted crafters at play (note empty wine bottle) at the leisure centre in Fownhope
Photo 1 of 2 of my makes at Craftathon 2013
Just a couple of the projects I cracked on with though, conspicuous by its absence is the unmentionable project with my "TREE" on it!!! Those who were there KNOW what I mean when I say that it should NEVER again be mentioned!! PLEASE!

Photo 2 of 2 of my makes at Craftathon - made using nothing but versamark ink and pan pastels (other than that Stampotique image cut out)

After Breakfast on Sunday morning Clare called to collect us and led us, in convoy, to Dunelm Mill and Hobbycraft. One of our number (in true red arrows fashion) peeled off at the roundabout for a mini scenic tour but soon realised she was on a lone mission and re-traced her steps and caught up with us. We spent a happy hour ..... SHOPPING - followed by a refreshing coffee in the restaurant cum coffee shop in Dunelm Mill and then there was nothing for it but for us to wend our weary way home.

Hobbycraft stash

Dunelm Mill stash

We HAD thought we might have to contend with snow but none of us (in our wildest dreams) would have thought this might be the reason for a delay in our homeward journey and (frankly) I'm glad I was not alone in the car as I fear no-one would have believed me ....

Once Debs has left (after yet another cuppa and a little light crafting - the maze book we never got round to covering) and I had put Lauren on the London bound train it was time to reflect what a wonderful craftathon 2013 was and to look forward to 2014.

Thanks to Clare for organising this fabulous weekend and thanks to: Cherry, Clare, Debs, Lauren and Wynneth for making the weekend so fab and to Sir Andy, Ian and Celia for their special guest appearance! Andy - I can't thank you enough for your cards and gifties - especially that gel!!!!


Unknown said...

It sounds like you had a fab weekend...maybe with enough notice I will join in next year....

My name is Wynneth said...

Great Craftathon pix kathy, it really was a great weekend wasn't it. Your makes were ALL fabulous ! but my fav was the glorious pink journal page. So pleased that you enjoyed the sewing/needle felting projects too.

Everything was fabulous, from the school hall to the lovely meals and I have to say how friendly the hotel staff were.

Guess it was a good idea I did a de-tour back into Dunelm to pick up the table and chairs so I missed the jumbo jam !