Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday funday

Morning all
That's it then ... Newbury Artstamps/mini craftathon weekend over for another year!
What on earth am I talking about? It started off with some pals who had been communicating on-line via the now defunct crafting forum .... we mooted a mid year meet as we'd met up for a Craftathon in February of 2011 and then the Newbury Artstamps show presented itself as an opportunity in July. A couple of pals said they would like to craft too so I invited them to join me at my home (although they had to put up in a hotel as I don't have the room). This was such a success that we did it again the following year and then again the following year ... which brought us to 2014's Newbury Art Stamps show. We usually head to the show on Sunday having crafted on Friday afternoon and pretty much all day Saturday. The first year was experimental and we all just played but we subsequently got more focus for our next weekend (actually to try and stop the "kitchen sink" getting carted half way across the country!), and this year, we decided to try the bitumen/tarmac technique. I had seen several instances of it in action and spoke to the people most likely to join me for that weekend. Sounded like all we needed was the bitumen, white spirit, acrylic paint, die cuts or charms (for texture), soft cloths, a protected surface in a ventilated room and (most importantly) latex gloves!!! 

Since I was the one not staying in a hotel it made sense for me to obtain supplies ..... Our local B&Q (about one mile away) didn't have the necessary, although I was able to get some paints and the white spirit. And after a trip IKEA (about three miles away) for something to play with  ...... I was ready to roll ..... no, wait, some of us craft at the speed of light so perhaps a third project? I ordered some A4 board backed canvases from eBay, I can always use them myself if we don't get around to it.

Unfortunately, Lauren couldn't make it so it turned out to be just Cherry, Debs, Wynneth and me! As it happens, probably just as well as my dining table was groaning under the strain of four crazy crafters at play so not sure what might have given way if there had been FIVE instead!

Wanna see the mess we got ourselves in to and the fun we had? You can see the early preparation in Saturday's post here, if you missed it!

Here's how things looked Saturday morning

Cherry taking the ultimate step (with bitumen paint) ... to potentially RUINING her work!

Here are my two pieces - "tarmac'd / ruined"??????!!!!

And I had time to make a tag too

Whereas Cherry moved on to journal pages!

My tag with modelling paste and acrylic paint - before getting the tarmac out - AGAIN!

The big reveal, my canvas, mirror and tag - so, not ruined at all then????

And we had time to clear up the smelly crafting wreckage and craft on!
Completely finished and with the mirror back in situ
NO IDEA but a huge curiosity about the technique? See Gary Reef explain it here or Karen's explanation here

Then we cleared up (a bit) and went out to dinner at Raj's and a good time was had by all, back to the hotel for another round of drinks before heading home. Sunday morning dawned bright, clear ... and WARM! We arrived at Newbury coincidentally about a minute before Lauren and we all parked in a row!! Heather arrived shortly after. Car parking had changed a bit from previous years and we felt like fillies paraded around the paddock before finally reaching the entrance to the stand/Artstamps! Not as big as previous years but, apparently, the show had been pulled together in just weeks so - pretty good under those circumstances! We did our usual of heading round once and a little shopping before heading to lunch .... where we did show and tell before heading off to shop some more, having seen what everyone else had bought!

Lunch and show and tell!
L-R: Wynneth, Cherry, Heather, Lauren and (front) Debs
Once we were all shopped out we said our goodbyes and headed in our respective directions, I was bringing Cherry and Wynneth back home with me. We had a revitalising brew before Cherry headed north and home and I put Wynneth on a train south not long after.

Thanks so much to everyone for coming along and for making this weekend so fantastic - it was great to see you all - can't wait for 2015 now!

Want to see what I bought?

Starting on July 11th the lovely Clare is going to be hosting a free mixed media workshop for the summer holiday period so, if you are interested then pop over to her blog here and sign up

Have a fabulous week everybody, I'm going to be having a rest today!


Lesley Thomas said...

Morning Kathy, looks as if you all had a great weekend, and you came home with new stash too. I'll look forward to some of that turning up on cards in due course.

SARN said...

Sounds like a great weekend was had by all.

Lots of new goodies to play with too.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend...and love how your tarmacing worked out.

Karen said...

Loving your tarmac-ing Kathy, looks fab!


Di said...

Hi Kathy - I looked and listened out for you yesterday at the show! What a hike from the car park, thought they were having a bit of a laugh as we all duly trotted across the racecourse!

I see you were at three at least of the stalls I bought from (Limetree, Acid drop and those fabby stencils).

I'd been warned it wasn't as good as previous years but in fact it ticked all the boxes for me too - spent all my pocket money too!

Love the look of that tarmac technique - what great results after thinking all was ruined.

Hugs, Di xx

Lilian said...

Looks like you all had a great time. What a stash you have as well, Hope you find room for it all. if not you know where i live lol.

Lauren Hatwell said...

LOL - I didn't have any trouble spending all my pocket money either ;oD What a great weekend you all had and the tarmac projects are truly fabulous. It was great to see everybody on Sunday. I just hope Artstamps can keep going so we can do it all again next year.


Debs M said...

fabulous time - looking forward to the next meet already x

Louise Wright said...

It looks like you all had an amazing time. Your tarmac projects are fantastic. You must be super pleased with the results.
a nice lot of stash too from yesterday. I bet you were having a catch up on sleep today after all the excitement of the last three days x

Cherry said...

What a fab time we all had! Thank you so much for hosting and thanks to everyone for being so much fun and such fantastic friends. Hugs Cherry xxx

Brenda Brown said...

Looks like you all had a brilliant weekend with lots of inspiration, fabulous makes and time to spend crafty money as well. Mmmm perfect xx

Katie Berberich said...

Awww, a great post. It looks like yet another amazing get together. It's so nice to see photos of you all together. As for your Art, Wow! You need a shop!
Katie x