Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hello and welcome to Thursday

Hi there,

Yesterday was a funny old day, I set out to make some scrap layouts but then sat and got myself engrossed in the book I had been reading on my kindle. The morning got away from me and I only posted one layout yesterday.

I did make a second but decided to share it with you all today rather than do a second post. And, of course, I CLEAN FORGOT it was What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday so didn't post that either - DOH! Must be this blooming cold! Thankfully, the perpetually running nose seems to have stopped but I do still look like I could audition for the part of Rudolph in pantomime!

And here was what the opposite end of my work desk looked like yesterday - a messy great pile!! I LOVE IT! I have a little space (about A3 size) in which to craft and the rest is piled up with this lot!

Inspired by the two layouts for a double page spread, and with a few photos to spare, I opted for third. This layout sort of co-ordinates but doesn't match the other two but I think it blends in OK.

Here's how the two page layout looked when finished and filed.

My regular readers will no doubt recall that I swap ATC's with a pal on the Isle of Skye and that, to spice things up a bit, we also exchange materials as a challenge. A letter arrived this morning enclosing materials - and in time for me to post a piccie of my challenge! Look out over the coming days to see what sort of ATC they turn in to!

Anyway, have a fantabulous Thursday, it will soon be the weekend! I've got a funeral to go to this afternoon so will be having a rather less than fabulous day today.


Kobie's Crafty Corner said...

Morning Kathy....
The pages is lovely, I would really love to go visit Florida myself one day....
Been having good weather in the UK...
Keep well and have a lovely week....
Hugs Kobie

Katiejane said...

Oh Kathy, sorry to hear about your cold. I guess the jetlag doesn't help. I can't stop sneezing but it's just hay fever for me!
Your layouts are great, what lovely memories.
I hope the funeral goes well today, thinking of you.
Katie x

Jingle said...

Lovely pages!

Debs M said...

great makes, sorry to hear you have a funeral to attend x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Fabulous layout there Kathy. I really do love that Crane stamp you've used too. Its perfick!