Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday and it's back to normal - whatever that is!!!

Morning all,
Busy few days for us ... I'm at the garage again this morning and hubby this afternoon - sounds expensive! At least it's not raining so that's one less thing to worry about!

Yesterday, my hubby decided to treat my car (UGLY) and give it it's annual wash! Must've thought it was it's birthday! Looks great - I just have to hope it's not the dirt holding it together now!

What was I doing whilst he was cleaning my car? Well I just know you'll be pleased to hear that I was trying to track down the errant set of clear stamps that I had lost. Hubby took the drawer out and - nope - it wasn't down the back there. I set about sorting through the CR*P on my craft table and went through the container I normally put all my offcuts in to ... wasn't there either but I threw away (sorry, recycled) all the titchy little bits I now KNOW I'll never use! It had fallen down the gap between the couch and my little table - A-Ha, so glad to have it restored to it's rightful place - alas, too late for the project I planned to use it on but ..... there's always NEXT TIME!
And also ........ Clare has been keeping half a dozen of us out of mischief over the summer vacation time with some projects entitled "It's The Little Things" and, yesterday, she set us a bonus project to complete the set. We now have a full set (hopefully) and they should mostly fit inside the papier mache box we decorated last wee. We've all been given our swap partners and those boxes should be heading off to their new homes over the coming weeks. Thanks Clare, it's been a blast and, to my swap partner, I really hope you like the goodies when they arrive in the post!
My flowerpot became a birds nest

I gussied up my mini cotton reel

My plain little bird got tarted up too

And it all came together like so!
Materials used
  • I was provided with the bird, flowerpot and mini cotton reel, along with the reindeer moss
  • Gesso, white, two coats on the flower pot, the bird and the mini cotton reel.
  • Acrylic white paint with luna light mica paint (raspberry colour - it's the only one I have) and Iridescent medium applied to the mini cotton reel, the flower pot and the bird
  • Judikins text stamp (from one of their cubes) stamped on to the bird, Dylusions checkerboard stamped on to the mini cotton reel and Clarity Stamp feather (just the end of, used to create the wings) stamped using Ranger Archival jet black
  • Black faux pearls for the birds "eye"
  • Reindeer moss was attached to the flower pot using Aleene's tacky glue
  • White net wrapped around the mini cotton reel and tied in to a bow
Must clean all the gesso and paint off my craft mat now - it's in a right old state!

And, honestly, don't these people know the balloon fiesta was WEEKS ago? With the wind in totally the wrong direction for us the entire weekend!!! This kind of sight is quite common all year round which probably goes some way towards explaining why we've never actually attended the  Balloon Fiesta ..... though part of me would really like to see their NIGHT GLOW!! Ah well, maybe one year!

Happy Tuesday, whatever you all have planned!


Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Aww, tweeeet! LOL! xxx

Lesley Thomas said...

Great use of what you were sent Kathy, I'm sure your swap partner will like all your designs. So glad you found your errant stamps, it's infuriating when you can't find them.

Sue Bridesmith said...

Your Little Pink Bird is a Cutie Kathy.
Suzy B

Debs M said...

love your finished piece Kathy x

Darnell J Knauss said...

There is always someone late to the party, isn't there?! Still, it must be lovely to see those majestic balloons overhead so often.

You have made a creation out of found parts that is incredible, Kathy! And speaking of found parts, I'm so delighted to hear you found your lost stamp so quickly!

I found a couple of wee clear images myself last night ... I was closing up shop for the night and overturned my huge glass of water. Crumbs. I really just wanted to keep on walking and face it this morning, but there were electric cords in the line of dripping water so I knew that would never do. Now I have a partially clean desk top, found images, and a really clean floor back in the corner!

Imagine there must be people who think what we do is boring when, in fact, there is rarely a dull moment!! Hugs, Darnell

Lilian said...

I Like that a lot Kathy. Hugs

Viv said...

What a sweet little birdie project Kathy, just love it :) Viv xx