Thursday, 16 May 2013

Morning all,
Glorious day here and here's hoping that you have some of this weather wherever you are too.
Yesterday morning we were wakened by the sound of gas burners used by hot air balloons. Now, historically, this has happened several times a week but we've not heard it of late. It doesn't bother us at all and we normally simply turn over and go back to sleep or (if we're done sleeping) get up and make a cup of tea. Yesterday, we had the excitement of getting up and taking pix because we'd not seem them in so long!! Sad or what?!?!? Anyhoo, there were two of them and they seemed almost close enough to touch (which, of course, they weren't!) but they WERE close enough to wave at - what must they have thought with us on the pool deck in our night attire!!! So, here are a couple of pix .....

Hope you noticed how bright and clear a day it already was ..... at 07:00!!!!

Last evening saw us dining at the Texas Roadhouse. I'm on their mailing list as we eat there a fair bit and, in the last five weeks, have received two offers: one of a free appetiser for being on their mailing list for a year and the other to celebrate my birthday so last night we availed ourselves of their birthday offer of a free appetiser and selected the RATTLESNAKE BITES!!! Now, I SHOULD point out that there is no rattlesnake in them! They are diced jalapeno peppers and cheese fried in to balls and served with a horseradish cream sauce. Intrigued? So were we ...... delish. Would we have them again? OH YEAH ....... but maybe we'd share between four of us as the main course portions are a good size too!

And now, on to some crafting .... still trying to use up offcuts and stamped images ....
Materials used:
  • Kraft C5 card blank (approx 230/240 gsm - hence the layers!) and matching envelope
  • Black and Kraft card for matting - I used as many offcuts as possible in my attempt at stash reduction!
  • Previously stamped image (which has prevented me from carrying my image through to the insert and envelope in this case)
  • Alcohol markers to colour image
  • Bakers twine in black/white and tan/white, tied in a central knot and then the threads separated
  • TPC Studio sentiment stamped using Versafine onyx black ink - which WAS carried across on to the insert and envelope
Have a splendid Thursday ...... not forgetting birthday wishes to my nephew, Alex and neighbour, Dawn today


Lauren Hatwell said...

Totally fantastic balloon pics there Your Purpleness and I LOVE your gorgeous card. If I may make so bold, if you don't have a home for it yet, The Bobster would absolutely love it as it contains his two favourite things - bbq and dogs. How cheeky am I?

scrappyjacky said...

It's a glorious day here as well....for a change!!
Love the colours of the balloons.
A perfect card for today's weather as well.

Brenda Brown said...

Lovely photos Kathy, we are off home today and I am so going to miss the sun and warmth. Cute card.
hugs {brenda} x0x

EmmGee said...

I think that it may be coming from Bristol that you're particularly attuned to ballooning. We have our wonderful balloon fiesta each year, and many balloonists are based here. I love to see and hear them overhead. Still very cold here, stay warm.

catherine said...

Great pics of the balloons Kathy. I love watching them. Sounds like a good meal and a great card today
x catherine

Katie Berberich said...

Oh what a lovely thing to wake up to (if you are not used to it). Great shots and what desirable weather. I chapperoned on Amelie's school trip yesterday and it poured with rain literally all day! All kids and parents/teachers were fed up-oh well it happens I guess.
Your mexican starter sounds delicious -the ingrediants, not the name.
Your card is very inspiring -love the black against the Kraft.
Katie x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Love your cookout card, Kathy! That's a keeper of a layout!! Thanks for sharing those awesome hot air balloon pics, too! (Their view could have been even more exciting if you guys slept in your birthday suits!!)