Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday chatter .....

Hi there,

You will, by now, probably have realised that I've been in the U.S. for a while but am now back in the U.K. and I can't tell you all how fab it is to be posting "in real time" once more! I love being on holiday but the time difference is always one I struggle with as I'm on-line when many of my crafting buddies are tucked up in their beds!! Ah well!

A fabulous time was had and, as always, I've come home with some lush new stash too - some of which you've already seen in action and some not!

Our flight home was a little late leaving Orlando but more than made this up ..... in fact we landed at Gatwick so early that we had to "park" whilst we waited for a gate to become available. And then we must have arrived at the same time as another large (and full) flight landed as the line at immigration was huge even for those with electronic passports!! Ever used one of those? Whilst waiting in line I was struck by the large number of "rejects", people for whom the electronics simply failed and probably not as a result of anything they had done (or not done). This made me feel much better as two times out of three that's usually me and I simply assumed it was me! However, it worked for me yesterday - bizarre! Cases off the carousel sharpish and we were outta there! Caught the earlier train too ........ but our onward connection ticket is time dependent so we got to sit and people watch at Reading!! Interesting people at railway stations ..... there was plainly both a hen party and a stag party (no idea whether they were two halves of the same wedding) - that's bachelor and bachelorette party for those in the U.S. The bachelors were all dressed in Hawaiian stylee with shorts and shirts (some even had those garlands, what are they? Lei or something) and sporting either inflatable or plush - SHARKS! The lady party were found in the ladies restroom posing for photographs!! You gotta hope it was for a bet!, especially if you've ever used the ladies room at Reading station! Anyway, we sat on the concourse with a bacon bap and a coffee whilst waiting and then headed for our train.

Home in time for a quick nap before showering and heading off to the surrogates for dinner and chat, almost a party atmosphere as it's been a while since we all got together. Zac is now crawling but can support his own weight but isn't quite walking yet - he's eight months! His elder brother, Harry, was assisting with the catering! And ably so. Seafood platter starter and a spicy chicken main course - yummmmm. Strangely, no-one had room for dessert! Thanks surrogates, for a lovely evening which FORCED us to stay up and awake and allowed us to sleep in till 08:30 this morning!!

Now for the unpacking and homing the contents of our cases!! LUCKILY there's very little laundry from our trip as most came home clean too - HUZZAH

Hubby's been out to start the cars!

This is giving me time to look at today's challenges ...... and there are several (see my sidebar for list of challenges I normally like to enter, if I have the time). I've been a little lax with challenges for a number of weeks now and, those I have entered, I've not really had the opportunity to visit fellow entrants blogs. Being on holiday is my excuse and, if I normally visit and haven't, I hope you will forgive me.

I hope to be back later with a second post and maybe even a card or two! but, in case I don't make it (overcome with jetlag perhaps?) then ..... have a FABULOUS weekend!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Good to have you back Your Purpleness. Have a great day. Lx

Brenda Brown said...

Glad you got home safely, us too. Managed to stay awake till nearly midnight but have been awake since 5.00 am, just couldn't get off again, but that's ok as long as we stay awake again till 10ish tonight.
Enjoy the weekend (and the weather lol).
hugs {brenda} x0x

scrappyjacky said...

Glad you got back safely.

Chris said...

Welcome home Kathy! Glad you enjoyed your holiday! Hope it's not toooo cold for you here!!

Kobie Fouché said...

Welcome Back Kathy...Glad to hear your home safe...Have you found any sunshine in those cases for us while

Katie Berberich said...

So glad you are back home safely and a HUGE Happy Birthday! Hope you were able to enjoy it without too much jet lag!
Thank goodness most of the washing is done. Now -relax!
Have a great week.
Katie x