Tuesday, 1 February 2011

And here it is . . . as promised


Welcome to my two new followers Allison and also Helen Dooley - nice to see you, hope you'll stop by now and again - ENJOY!!!

I teased you all last night by posting the materials I would be sending to my trading card buddy and I said that I would post a photo of the trading card I made using those materials this morning. And here it is:

OK peeps, is it ANYTHING like you had in your own head? Probably not. Frankly, I always love to see what Pam comes up with - it has seldom been anything like the one I have made. Only about twice have they even been close! How cool is that?

Anyway, enough already - I'm sure you good people have plenty to be getting on with so have a fantabulous Tuesday and do check back later to see if I've come up with anything else as my day progresses.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Great ATC Kathy. Lx

Melly said...

Oh wow!
Now I would never have thought she wouild have come up with some thing so fab! I would have been totally stumped with this but she nailed it!
thanks for all your support honey on my new wee adventure hee!
If you wanna be part, why not try!!
Hugs Melly xxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous piece. love how you did this one Kathy
I also just wanted to let you know i have a shabby chic freebie collage sheet for today only then it will be gone. please pop by if you would like it.
Have a lovely day
Hugs June x

Brenda Brown said...

Great one Kathy, love the phrase you have used with it.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox