Monday, 11 July 2011

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week!

Right - me, back again, welcome to the start of another week.

Lauren's posted the Sunday theme and it is: IT'S A GIFT - with the intention of us all making a gift for someone (like notelets, or decorating a candle, etc) - hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this might require a spot of thinking!

Yesterday passed in a blur beyond 2 pm ........ one neighbour rang to say she was broken down on her mobility scooter (complete with dog - the delightful Robbie) so she was fetched and then hubby had to have a look at said scooter - one of her batteries is now on charge in our garage (something about model test chargers so we'll know whether it's holding it's charge!!). Then it was over to another friend/neighbours with a power supply hubby had ordered for her printer when it stopped (printing, that is!) ...... this was just before 3pm ......... Debbie made us a cuppa and we chatted and the next thing we knew there was a bottle of champagne opened and then a second - ooops and it was gone 6!! Hmmmm - home for dinner and then watch Popstar to Opera Star - I wanted Cheryl to win but hey ....

Since it NEVER pays to craft whilst squiffy there was no crafting done yesterday ..... at all!!

How's your Monday coming along? I HOPE to get cracking on some crafting as I'm pretty sure that no-one's likely to want to open a bottle at this time of day!

How was your Sunday? Mine was going great guns till I went hunting for my spare body lotion in the cupboard under my bathroom sink. Not only did I find my spare body lotion and numerous goodies which I now plan to throw out - I mean just HOW MANY bottles of conditioner does a girl (who doesn't use conditioner) need exactly??? I digress ..... I also found rather a lot of ....... WATER!!! Now I just KNOW that's not where it's meant to be. So, cue frantic emptying of said cupboard and copious mopping motions and my cupboard is all dry again. Thankfully, it doesn't look like it's been leaking long as there doesn't appear to be any structural damage and who cares about cardboard packaging anyway? Hubby hates it when I find little chores like that as he's not at all keen on plumbing! We put drain cleaner down before we started our grand tour of the neighbourhood and left it to do it's stuff - really hoping it's a simple blocked drain which will be cleared this morning!! In the meantime, my bathroom sink is declared out of action by the upturned plastic jug and the rest of the room looks more like a battle zone ..... in Boots!

Have a super Monday all and do pop back for the continuing saga and maybe even the results of my crafting!


Debs M said...

woohoo champagne! sorry to hear about the leak, hope it's all sorted soon x

jackid said...

Oh dear that doesn't sound good I do hope it's just a blockage you have check the seal around your pipe and sink as we had this happen in the kitchen and it was this that was the cause I know it might sound a bit obvious but worth checking anyway hope you get it sorted soon
Jacki xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh dear, is that what you call devastation? My bathroom looks like that ALL THE TIME (without the jug under the sink). You may need to book some counselling before your visit in August Your Purple Tidiness. LOL

Hope everything is mended today and your bathroom is its usual tidy self again.

Champagne DOES sound nice though. Slurp! Lx

scrappyjacky said...

Oh dear.....we found a similar thing had happened in the cupboard under our kitchen sink....shows how often I go in there!!!!

Hippywitch said...

Yep I'm with Lauren on that one, a battlezone?! Hope the leak is sorted out soon, I'm the one for plumbing, hammering etc. in our house, it's just so much quicker than waiting for him to get round to it (which would be never!)
The champayne sounds great though :-)

My name is Wynneth said...

How fortunate that you were on hand to assist with the disposal of two whole bottles of bubbly young kathy ;o)

Water under the sink is so not a good look, but I'm with Lauren, that doesn't look like devastation to me - more like my bathroom all the time :O( Why do I have to keep buying so many new bottles of moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, hair serum........... ! I know !!! I'll employ the Universal Battle Cry "Wynneth Made Me Do it " huzzahhhhh.... LOL

Lauren Hatwell said...

.....just for the record; Wynneth made ME do it too..... Lx

Brenda Brown said...

What a sunday and no crafting? Oh dear - I know what I would rather have been doing!!
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Dora said...

O wow that doesn't sound fun at all, let's hope it's just a blockage and that you get it sorted out soon. Hugs Dora xx

Dolly Daydreams said...

I like the sound of your friends any houses available near you !!!