Thursday, 28 July 2011

Morning all

Welcome to a hot and rather sticky Thursday - well, that's what it's like where I am! Sticky night last night too, so not a great nights sleep - you wake up hot so chuck off the bedclothes, then you wake up cold and so on and so on!

Still, yesterday evening my brother called in his way home from work, and the reason for his visit was to drop in an anniversary card and gift. We don't normally exchange cards and gifts on anniversary but, this being a biggie, they thought they would. Bristol blue glass with a silver pattern on  - very nice (I don't suppose they check my blog but - just in case), THANK YOU Steve and Ann.

I shall be taking everything down from my small "display area" and having a bit of a reshuffle (aka dusting!) later, to make an appropriate space for both pieces.

This morning I nipped out to visit my pal, Dorothy and also wanted to look for some shoes ...... I set off (full of optimism) and headed to the ring road ...... aka PARKING LOT!!!! Honestly, a two mile tail back for 300 yards worth of road works! Hmmmmmf. Parked at Emersons Green and headed off to do some shopping - needed a new pair of shoes, which I tracked down and now have in my hot sticky little hand. On to Dorothy's negotiating the roadwork chaos being caused by Bristol Waterworks and  reached Dorothy's only to find the road up ... so had to park some distance away and fight my way through the cones on foot. Note to self .... go home a different way. Which sounded like a plan until ..... no fewer than four sets of temporary traffic lights and the road blocked by a skip truck making a delivery!!! The journey from hell, I think! Still, it was nice to catch up with Dorothy and I DID need that pair of shoes.

I think I just might spent a few minutes watching the QVC craft sale day this afternoon. Might even do a bit of crafting whilst I'm at it.

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday everyone - have a good afternoon


scrappyjacky said...

Look like a very smart pair of shoes,Kathy.

Debs M said...

luverlee x

Brenda Brown said...

Your shoes look fab Kathy.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox