Saturday, 2 July 2011

Morning and welcome to sketchie day!

Well well my crafting buddies - what did I miss yesterday then?

As you all know, my good crafting pals, Lauren and Wynneth arrived for the weekend and we had a bite of lunch before heading off to Studley Grange for the afternoon. Lauren bought some wool and a pattern followed swiftly by a bag and then we headed to Sparkle Dreams - nice store, not a HUGE range but nicely laid out and very friendly staff. Once we were done in there we made a joint decision and headed back to FEETILICIOUS for one of those fish pedicures!!!!!! Now I wasn't all that keen but the other two seemed very pro so I decided to go with the flow and was actually surprised at how pleasant it was ..... and your feet feel amazing afterwards.


Back home with our spoils for ooh-ing and aah-ing before dinner, mostly over a cuppa. There was a MODEST amount of crafting done as we planned what we thought we MIGHT do today! Then it was time to head off to the Crown at Dyrham and to meet the delightful Rosie - we've been talking to her for several years but this was the first time either of had met ...... we hit it off right away and a delightful evening was had (hopefully) by all - the food wasn't half bad either!
Left to Right: Me, Rosie, Wynneth and Lauren

Tomorrow sees us off to Newbury Artstamps show and we should be meeting up with Cherry and Debs so expect more photos of that too!
Right - oh, well today is Sketchie Day and also a new challenge over on the Simply Less Is more blog too so, without further ado ..... here are the challenges for today.
  1. Less Is More - SHADES OF BLUE
  2. Sketchie - A card or other project inspired by this image

This will probably form the basis of our crafting for today so there should be photos ..... just so long as we don't get carried away with the chatting, or drown amidst the cups of tea and/or coffee!
Right - here's how my craft (sorry dining) room looks now before the arrival of hurricane Lauren/Wynneth!!



Have a fab Saturday - the girls are due soon and there WILL be crafting done today - HONEST! so do check back later and see what mischief we've been up to!

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Debs M said...

looks like you had a great night x