Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The purple princess is away from her desk .....

AGAIN!!! Where is she this time?

Well, I hope to be meeting up with a crafting buddy named Jacky - from over on craftbubble - she and her hubby are vacationing in the area and she asked if I would be able to meet her in Burnham on Sea. Now, it's a place I think I've only ever been to once before so I suspect I may be very happy to have satnag! We have already met once previously so it will be great to catch up again. Burnham's under an hour south of Bristol so very do-able. I hope I remembered to charge my camera battery as I'm sure there SHOULD be photos! Just gotta hope we can both arrive at the same place! ..... and preferably around the same time too - that would be good.

Anyway, yesterday, hubby and I had a little trip out to Harold Hockeys art supplies in Bristol and I acquired a small beginners kit of acrylic paints - still being inspired by the wondrous Kate Crane's art journalling DVD's and wanting to have a go. I did a couple of ATC's and these have been kindly received by you lovely people here in blogland so I thought I might like to try something a little bigger - I'm thinking ..... CANVAS! Whoa - that's a bit of a far cry ..... for ..... a card maker!!! I only bought what could best be described at trial sizes in case I try it and decide that it's not something I want to do a lot of - though, that said, I loved doing my recent ATC's. If this "fad" lasts then I can invest in some bigger pots and you can bet I'll be looking at household bits and pieces in a quite different way now!

Well, hubby decided to make some rash purchases yesterday (what? aside from his two strips of carbon fibre at the kite shop? - don't ask!!!) - in the form of tickets to see the musical production of Legally Blonde and also tickets to see the latest Harry Potter movie - which we did, last night. It was brilliant though, poor chap, (hubby, that is) he dropped off before the opening credits so missed the first few minutes. It was quite warm in there at the start, though boy, did it cool off as the movie progressed. I'm so pleased to have seen it and that it was so good too. I may have to try it again in 3D before the film moves on and I have to say that I was quite taken with Lucius Malfoy who, henceforth, shall be referred to as LUSCIOUS Malfoy!!!!

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