Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesday morning and the weather's on the change!

Hi there,
Welcoming new follower, Ann, from Bulgaria - hoping you will find a reason to pop back from time to time.
Well, after a lovely weekend and a gloriously hot day yesterday we are told that the weather is set for change and possibly heavy rain later - thank heavens I got loads of washing done yesterday. Of course the knock on effect of this is ........ a veritable mountain of ironing but, thank goodness those sock stealing yeti's have NOT been seen scampering around this particular mountain and I have pairs of everything!!! Since I was also awake at stupid O'Clock this morning (don't ask!) I have also scaled this mountain and it's now little more than a mole hill - YAY. Unfortunately, I then looked like I had just stepped out of a sauna so started composing this post whilst cooling down - ready for a quick, and hopefully, invigorating shower!!! Then the plan will be to head off to my table of craftiness and actually make something so I can post a photo on here so .........
Well now, here's the thing ..... you set off with a project in mind and then you allow yourself to get railroaded in to using stuff part of you just knows you shouldn't and then - the finished result just looks wrong (WRONG WRONG) on so many levels. This morning was one of those times ......... so here's the train wreck

Materials used:
  • 5" square 300gsm white card and envelope (WRONG)
  • Negative from a (new) spellbinder nestie (WRONG)
  • Circle mask attached using a quickie glue pen
  • Distress inks in: Spun Sugar, Tumbled Glass(new), Weathered Wood, Bundled Sage
  • Waterbrush used to apply "clouds" across the moon and to ground my stag (not so much WRONG as not quite right!)
  • Lavinia stag image (new) inked in Memento tuxedo black and stamped off before stamping on to my background
  • Lavinia tree image (new) inked in Memento tuxedo black
  • Rubberstamp Tapestry ferns to simulate grass (WRONG)
 So, as you can see - quite a few things wrong with this card! My personal thoughts are that I should have:
Used a taller card blank, used post-it's instead of the nestie and made the shape taller so that my image would have been "grounded" at the bottom and yet still not poked out above the moon!!! My clouds and the grounding of my stag could have been better too. Nett result? Probably one of those cards which will end up with a piece of patterned card or paper the size of my base card stuck over and then I can start from scratch - BUM. But, hey - you have to try these things don't you? I'd be interested in your thoughts on the improvement for this card too ................
Hope your Tuesday's shaping up better than my own and, by the way ...... RAINING!!!!



Debs M said...

hmmm think the nestie should have been higher so the colours are higher than than the trees and maybe more central, but thats just my opinion and you do these cards so much better than i ever could... x

Fleur said...

Kathy, I think its lovely, I know what you mean though, some days things just don't flow for me.
I have candy if your interested, HUGZ Fleur xxx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Yes, I think the trees need to be slightly higher but a FABULOUS card and drool-worthy stamps YP.


Craftyrose said...

We're always so critical of our own work. I actually like the feel of this one. After all, artistic licence and all that!! I think that the trees being infront of " the nestie" give the appearance of distance between them and the stag!

Brenda Brown said...

I think it's lovely Kathy - I like the shape and size of the card - white space is important. I agree with using the post-its instead of the Nestie shape though, but the idea of the trees outside of the frame is brill.
luv and gugs {brenda} xoxox

Brenda Brown said...

Sorry, should have read my comment before pressing the button. Of course I meant HUGS xoxox

My name is Wynneth said...

I don't think it's anywhere near a disaster as you feel kathy. All I would say is that I think if your trees had been stamped higher so that their base was actually in the green/ground area of the nestie shape and well away from the moon, it would have been perfect ! Lovely to see your Lavinia's in action already :O) Speed of Light Purple Princess strikes again LOL