Sunday, 10 July 2011

Morning and welcome to Sunday morning


Just want to welcome my latest new follower, Jane from Adelaide. I loved your city when I visited in late 2008 - loved your public transport too as it made it soooooooooo easy to get about.

For Christmas 2010 some of my crafting buddies all got together and had a Secret Santa draw ...... my gift came from Cindy (thanks Cindy) and my gift was a set of silicon stamps, some fab velvet ribbon and a box ... it's been sitting in my craft area just waiting for me to do something with it. On Thursday, whilst out with Katie, I bought some Inka Gold paint in such a sumptuous gold that it just cried out to be used on a special project. I dipped my finger in and edged an ATC using it and realised that this was something I'd be likely to have to leave in my will!!! UNLESS I used it on a larger project - BINGO, the perfect thing, my Christmas box! So, taking a trusty piece of cut 'n dry I set about painting the box inside and out. Now, I've not been too careful round the embossing as I've yet to make up my mind whether to stamp tissue paper and then adhere it over the top .... obviously, if I don't then me and a cotton bud (or Q tip) will get acquainted with the bits I've missed. Here's how it's looking so far .....


And here's how it started life!


Last night saw us off to the surrogates for our dinner. Chris has a new Kindle and there are one or two things he's not clear about - mostly with the lappy connections so our entire IT department (hubby and I) are heading down there. I'm sure my regular readers will recall what a hardship this is since Chris does HAPPEN to be an executive head chef!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. There was a delicious mushroom starter with fresh cheesy bread too and the main course was Thai Fishcakes and, for those who wanted it .... cheese and biscuits to follow .... and a glass of something chilled!! Thanks for a fab evening C&B!

Chris and Becky (and young Harry) have a kitten, named Iris, who joined their household about six weeks ago and who has rapidly become part of the family. She's adorable but, sadly, likes to do what all kittens do ..... climb things and sharpen claws in inappropriate places - hopefully she'll grow out of that ..... and quick - but isn't she lovely?
Anyway, Sunday is themed challenge day over at craftbubble's Craft Mad and Loving It group and today's theme, to be selected by Lauren, has yet to be posted so I WILL be back later with that and probably a card for it too - so, until then, have a great Sunday!


Brenda Brown said...

Hi Kathy - just catching up. Sorry I haven't been around lately, I have been poorly and even spent one day in bed - not like me at all.
Been checking out your posts and have to say I particularly like your steampunk ATC and your one layer card. You obviously had a great day with Katie and more crafty purchases to use too, fab.
Love the look of your gold box now, Inka certainly makes a difference doesn't it? I have been collecting colours and need to explore what else can be done with it.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Shirley-anne said...

Hi KathyK.Certainly a puuurfectly beautiful kitty. Love the sheen on your Christmas box .

Faith A said...

An amazing project Kathy

Anonymous said...

Its a fab project Kathy and love how its going. what a beautiful piece.
love that little pussy cat too :)
Hope you have had a lovely weekend
Hugs June xxx

Dolly Daydreams said...

Love what you did with the box absolutely fabulous. After reading the rest of your post you have made me very hungry indeed so thanks for that !