Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Morning readers and welcome to Tuesday

Morning all,

Greetings to new follower Rebecca Vickers - hope you'll find an excuse to pop back from time to time!

Well, following a full on weekend with the lovely Lauren and Alan with crafting and eating and shopping and concert going, we came home yesterday for a rest! Only to have to get up this morning and head off to physio for 09:30 and now I feel like I fought (and lost) ten rounds with the late Henry Cooper!!! I just know I shall feel better tomorrow but this is not helpful TODAY!!!

I also HOPE to hit the table of craftiness as my new stash is staring at me and begging me to come and ink it up! Lauren also bought a rather fab die for her big shot and was kind enough to let me use it first - that IS a noble sacrifice and I thank you, Lauren! It's a die for a rosette and has GOT to be sooooooooooo much easier than all that measuring and folding!

You can't PRETEND to be surprised that I chose purple to test drive this die with  ...... can you?

We had a fabulous anniversary weekend which we rounded off nicely with a bottle (or two) of something chilled and fizzy yesterday evening - a fitting tribute to my hubby's patience over the last twenty five years! And here are all of our anniversary cards - thanks to everyone who sent a card - I hope you can see yours here!

Forgot to share this photo of Lauren and Alan's dog "the EVIL Bert" with you all - isn't he a fabulously clumbersome beastie!!! He seemed to forget his evil reputation as he was really quite friendly, once he realised that we didn't bite!

We have plans afoot to visit this smashing sounding restaurant. What do you think? Is that or is that not a pretty scrummy sounding menu?

Happy Tuesday one and all!!


scrappyjacky said...

Glad you've had such a good anniversary,Kathy.

Cheryl said...

oh glad your anniversery went well hun, and just love your dog oh so cute hugs cherylxx

Debs M said...

glad you had a great anniversary, fabbie pics and the restaurant looks great x

Becky said...

Aww thank u so much for the greeting :)
Glad to hear u have had a lovely anniversary and received some gorgeous cards. Oh and Bert is so sweet.

Becky x

Debs M said...

it is Kathy and probably helped perk me up a bit too x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Ah, I see Blogger has found something new to torture me with and hasn't posted my earlier comment, claiming I'm not authorised to leave one and insisting I change my account. Hmph!

It quite threw me to see The Bad Bertster residing on your bloggy. Hope lunch was lots of fun.


Lauren Hatwell said...

He's only sweet while people are looking Becky. I've been picking up the shattered bodies of plastic bottles and cuddly toys ALL day. He's on the rampage again now that Kathy and Steve have left the building. Lx

Kathyk said...

Sorry to have misled you Becky, Bert isn't my dog but Lauren's. He's usually a little shy with strangers which is why I felt duty bound to post this splendid picture of him whilst he wasn't looking overly shy!


Faith A said...

What a brilliant beastie, he looks a proper sookie!

Lovely cards you had and the week goes on ay? more celebrations lucky you :)