Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday

Hi folks,

Yesterday afternoon saw Debbie and I playing Thelma and Louise again only this time to the great metropolis of Staple Hill. We even managed to find this place here, where we experienced a cup of yummy decadence in the form of hot chocolate - check it out below! Well worth the visit, as the place is so interesting, and the staff? Super friendly even though we wandered in (by accident) right as they were closing.

Debbie, looking stunned at the size of these hot choccies!
Here's my What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday choice for the week - my desk itself doesn't change much but I thought you might like a rummage through my ribbon selection which (these days) comes mostly from my U.S.A. forays in to Michael's and Joann's! ENJOY

For all my ribbon offcuts

My rolls of ribbon. Pick a colour!

Some of you may know my crafting pal Debs, from her blog (Ribbon Dreams) - she's supporting Fibromyalgia which is a fairly unpleasant disease with no real cure or effective treatment and she is trying to raise money with a "GIVING" option on her blog and also with an ATC swap. If you are interested in sponsoring her fund raising efforts for this disease about which little seems known, then please visit her blog here

Oh, and a by the by, I've discovered that a pal of my friend Debbie (see earlier piccie) will also be in the same place, at the same time, having the same op as me ...... sounds like a "bring a zimmer party"!!!!!

I've scheduled this post to appear whilst I'm off out meeting fellow crafting buddy, Lilian. We will be meeting up at Hobbycraft for a mosey, followed by a coffee next door at Costa's - hope to be sorting out my Christmas drawers later (they've gotten in to SUCH a state) and then working on the the Bah Humbug challenge - so you might want to pop back later and see what's occurin'!

In the meantime, I hope ypu'll have a splendidly craft-y Wednesday


Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning Kathy. Wow, those hot choccies look goooooood. Slurp! No wonder Debbie looks so amazed. They are indeed an arresting sight and I love the mugs...Fab!

Did I read you right? You and Debbie are scheduled for the same op at the same time in the same hospital. What are the chances of that? Crikey! You two live so close you'll be able to rig up two tin cans and a length of string to keep in touch on each other's progress.

Thanks for letting us rummage through your ribbon drawer. I do love a bit of ribbon and boy, what a lot you've got.

MUST sort out my WOYWDW piccies soon.

Have fun with Lilian. Catch you later.

Lauren x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Forgot to say, there seems to be a proliferation of purple in said ribbon drawer...fancy!

Debs M said...

oooh ribbons!!!

Thanks for the link Kathy x

Kerryp77 said...

i want your ribbon stash!!! enjoy your mooch in hobbycraft too. i'm supporting debs too with her atc swap. its a great thing to do.

clare said...

now that's what a call a hot chocolate....yum!!!

Lilian said...

Thank you for yesterday the coffee and chat was lovely.
All those lovely coloured ribbons are so pretty. How to get then out without them all comming out together.
Thank you again. Lilian

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Mmm, looks great this hot chocolate. And your ribbons too. Thanks for visiting me. Bye, Franka

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at that hot chocolate! Heart attack in a mug right there, but what lovely mugs!! Work that one out for yourself, lol! Love ribbon too and seem to have rather a lot of it myself... JoAnn and Michaels have a lot to answer for!

Brenda 80