Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday Funny

Morning all,

Funny start to the day, woke up early (OK early ish!!!) and started to watch the breakfast news. Once it started to go round again I thought I would nip off and check my e-mails ...... once in the room where we keep my computer I opened the curtains and saw this ...... not a common sight here, though we do see LOTS of balloons it's just that they're not usually QUITE this close!


And there you have it - this is all going on about 100 yards away from my window!

Well, here we are at Friday again and Friday wouldn't be Friday without a Friday Funny now ..... would it? Saw this on the Yahoo home page this morning and thought it might amuse my readers - hope I'm right. The little critter's definitely racing!!

Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend, readers


Debs M said...

great pictures and love that otter x

joanne wardle said...

awww love that otter!