Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hi there and welcome to What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday!


Been AWOL a day or so, didn't feel great yesterday and promise you I WON'T go in to detail - suffice it to say that I wouldn't wish it on my own worst enemy! Do hope it wasn't the shock of my own cooking on Sunday!!! Feeling better today, just as well as I was meeting a fellow crafter (LILIAN) at Hobbycraft this morning........ so, wouldn't you just know it? It was chucking it down with rain whilst I was getting ready - got out my new (well, Christmas anyway but I've not had the opportunity to use it yet) purple (what else?) umbrella ........ that stopped the rain and the sun came out! DARN

Met Lilian at Hobbycraft and we did some stitchy shopping for her and her friend Sylvie as she's off to Germany next month to visit with her. We did some browsing and then adjourned to my section of Hobbycraft where I spent ....................................................................................................... £3.99! OMG, I must be losing my touch! Mind you, not overly surprising when you consider that clear stamp sets by Inkadinkado (which I pay about £4 for in the U.S.) are £11.95 and they had no fewer than TEN facings of one set!!!!!! (making the display look much fuller than it was) If I didn't know better I would say that Hobbycraft are running stocks low as it was bad last time and worse (much worse) today. Following my disappointment we adjourned next door to Costa coffee where Lilian treated me to a pot of tea and we nattered for an hour before her hubby collected her and I came home for some lunch!

It's also WOYWDW today so here's mine - VERY disappointing!! The shape is die cut corrugated cardboard which I HAD planned to used on a challenge project but went off (AGAIN) at a tangent and didn't use in the end! I have lined up my Hobbycraft purchase ...... ONE QUICKIE GLUE PEN!!! Ooops

Enjoy the remainder of your Wednesday peeps


scrappyjacky said...

You definately must be losing your touch...why not take a look at LOTV web shop where there's 10% off everything...had a little spend myself!!!!

Shirley-anne said...

Hi there Kathy .Blame it on the weather ? Talk about a small purchase !LOL
Could it be stocktaking time, for stocks to be so low ?
Love the photo of your desk .I'm too ashamed to show my 12" square of clear workspace ...I REALLY must tidy up .
Any way hope you are feeling 100% now ..

Brenda Brown said...

Hope you are feeling better again today then Kathy - sorry you have been feeling poorly. Sounds like you had a good day despite the weather and what a bonus not to have spent a small fortune.
I have to say I went to Hobbycraft last week and wasn't too impressed. Not another one going down the drain surely?
Take care.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Craftyrose said...

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling under the weather! Pardon the pun! I don't know whether I should be proud for you on your meagre spend or should be telling you off!!! xx

My name is Wynneth said...

Sorry to hear you were a tad under the weather Sweetie, hope it's all cleared up now. You really must try harder with your shopping young lady, but I guess I can forgive you this time as you weren't well !!!