Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hi there and welcome to What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday!

Morning readers,

Not starting off particularly well today - the weather looks dull, grey and like there's rain out there just waiting for me to step outside!! AND I've lost the ability to comment on others blogs . . . . hoping this is only temporary - I know that many of my blogging pals have experienced this problem. I had fallen behind with commenting on the superb Simply Less Is More challenge this week and sat down to catch up when I discovered this problem so, sorry to everyone that I've not already had the chance to comment on. The standard of entries just keeps getting better and better and it's become one of my "must do" challenges each week so I hope I shall be able to return to commenting on my fellow LIM-ettes work soon. If you're not familiar with this challenge then do follow the link above and check it out.

No progress on the shed yesterday as hubby went flying and today the weather just doesn't look worth starting anything - I took some piccies last night of the shed before work really started  ...... so stand by!!!

If you read my blog yesterday then you will have seen the trouble I've been having with this canvas project of mine. It will, therefore, not come as any surprise when I tell you that this is what is on my work desk this Wednesday!!! Having spent a happy (?!) half hour peeling off the mod podge and alcohol ink layers (fiddly but cleaned up OK and so much better than trashing the canvas) I was left with the issue of "what next"? So, I moved my project out in to the garden (it was a lovely day yesterday) and spread newspaper on the lawn before placing my project and honeycomb mask and shaking my tattered angels glimmer mist ...... Hmmmm. The first colour was too pale and the second a little dark so I only spritzed the mask once, whereas I HAD planned to spritz the entire canvass. Hmmm again - I'm obviously not very good at this whole canvas thing but hey - how DO you improve if you don't have a go? THEN I remembered my Imagination Crafts "glitzies" and moved my now dry project back indoors - glitzies not being at all messy. I dragged out my non stick craft mat and a stencil brush and, selecting a suitable glitzie, set to work .... Canvas mark II - WORK IN PROGRESS ....

Have a wonderful Wednesday peeps, I'm off out to lunch with a pal today and there may be shopping this afternoon too!


My name is Wynneth said...

Sorry to hear you are now a victime of Blogger's commenting issues. Hope it rights itself for you soon. I had the problem then it just got better, so fingers crossed.

Good luck with finishing your canvass - I love reading about all the different things you are trying !

Cherry said...

Loving the new look canvas experiment Kathy, really informative and exciting stuff. Glad to hear lunch was also a good time. Have fun creating. Hugs Cherry XxX