Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tuesday again but it feels like Monday! - especially since it's actually WEDNESDAY

Hi folks,

Welcome to new follower, Lorraine, here's hoping you will find the time and inclination to pop by again from time to time.

Busy day for me yesterday, so no post from me. I hope you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday weather - DESPITE the weather!!! It was a typical British Bank Holiday for us weather wise, being all chilly and blowy with blustery showers for much of it - lucky we hadn't planned a BBQ!

Yesterday I met up with a pal for coffee in the morning - we do this about once a month and it's always good to catch up. This time had been a little longer than normal since our previous meeting because both of us had been taking vacations - still, we managed to put the world to rights over a cuppa!!! Home for lunch with hubby before heading out again with another pal, this time to Bath and then on to Swindon! Bath saw the exchange of a "frock" - we were parked for 24 minutes! Swindon? Well that took us a bit longer! We parked at the outlet village and headed in . . . . first stop? COFFEE then in to Tula for a rummage round some fabulous bags! I bought something in the Cadbury shop and the Thorntons shop (both for hubby) and then in to Osprey where I found the Holy Grail!!! No, seriously, hubby has been looking for a new wallet (to replace his very elderly and much loved wallet acquired in Florence many years ago) and I found what I felt might be the perfect thing ....... after checking the returns policy with the delightful, friendly staff Debbie and I headed off back to the car armed with my Osprey bag - looked very odd with my "Cadbury" bag! .......................................... HE LIKED IT!!! and the wallet was well received too! R E S U L T!

Woke up this morning at the crack of "OMG still dark"! and couldn't get back to sleep - pottered round the internet for an hour or so before making tea and waking my OH. Drank my tea and then the bolt fell out of my neck . . . . .  next thing I knew was that the doorbell was rung by our postie and that it was 09:40!!! Hmmmmmm, still, I DO feel much better than I did at 06:00

Some of my regular readers may remember that I had a HUGE (nay, MEGA) tidy of my work desk recently and that last weeks WOYWDW looked perfectly splendid and SERIOUSLY tidy . . . . well it couldn't be more different this week, sadly. I think I must have another tidy today - as you can see, I've not put stuff away from my two recent cards - the good luck star card and the wedding acceptance! What a bad crafter I am!

Anyhoo, here's hoping your Work Day Wednesday will go swimmingly and then it's downhill all the way to the weekend! We have guests coming to dinner this evening so I'd best head off and track down a duster and a vacuum before making the starter for this evening!


Cheryl said...

you have lots of lovely stash on your desk hun love the box at the back i can see hugs cherylxxxx

Judy said...

Have a great day Kathy.

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

I'm all over the place day-wise too Kathy. Silly Bank Hol's. The LONG BH weekend isn't long enough, and then you go back on a Tues, thinking it's a Mon!

Yes - slight difference between last week's desk and this week's!

Thanks for visiting my nice clean tidy desk today!

Hugs, Sandra

Spyder said...

yes, I need to get the hoover out the sitting room's looking a bit de-shrivelled, if that's a word! I turn my pots upside down too!!

Katiejane said...

It sure looks like you've been busy on your WOYWDW! Bag shopping? Heaven! Swindon is great for shopping, I much prefer it to Cheltenham.

My name is Wynneth said...

Soooooo pleased to see normal service has been resumed on your table of craftiness young kathy ;o)

Well done on the purchase of the replacement wallet - lucky mr k !