Thursday, 23 June 2011

Morning folks - how's your Thursday shaping up?

Hi there readers,

Well this morning dawned dry and almost sunny but the sun was obviously a little shy and has legged it off behind a cloud.

After recent busy-ness with friends I've been a bit lacking in the crafting department and aim to rectify that today ...... watch this space as there may be more than one post today - depending on how I get on.

I did see a BEAUTIFUL CASsteampunk card over on DollyDaydreams blog where she unveils that she is a Guest Designer at Just for Fun for their current Steampunk challenge - now I'm VERY taken with steampunk though not always sure I quite "get it" so today MAY be a chance for me to have another go! So far all I've done is take another ATC blank and coated it liberally in mod podge before adding torn strips from a VERY old book (1940 or thereabouts-it already had pages missing anyway!) and it's now drying before I ponder what to do next with it! Mind you - it was plainly an odd sort of story - as my eye wandered over the snippets I read the words: sepsis, heroin, diabetic and cleanliness!!! Hmmmm, not sure I recall ever reading this one! It's a cunning idea (and a great use of a plainly "dodgy" book) which I shamelessly STOLE from the lovely Brenda on her blog - see it here. Once it's dry, I can trim it back to ATC size and start working on it .........

I have to say that my recent blogversary was nowhere near as much fun  as a birthday - with no cards or presents but hey - I wanted to thank all the people who have taken the time to follow my blog and been kind enough to leave comments - I do so love to read your comments - it's like having creative mail!

And talking of people who have been following me ....... those who can remember my first few blog posts and the saga of THE SHED!!! How long did that take? Well, we have a second, and thankfully smaller, shed which also needed similar treatment and hubby set to work on this about a week ago and it got finished pretty darn quickly too - hardly even time for me to blog about it at all so all that remains is for me to post the BEFORE and AFTER photographs - now that blogger is allowing photos once again. No idea what that was all about yesterday but I couldn't upload photos all day!! Hmmmmmm - just another little test of my patience, eh?

There now, doesn't that look better? In case you're wondering how we let it get that bad - it's not part of the "estate" regularly visited, being hidden away round a corner!!!!! Well, not by me anyway!

Anyway, that's all ............ for now! Have a fun Thursday and - catch you next time!


jackid said...

Hi Kathy I have a few dodgy books too lol picked them up in a charity shop for the purpose of using in cards but when I started to tear pages out I did what you did and read through some of them boy it was a good job I did the page was lets say very BLUE lol I do hope you give the steam punk a go I really like it now I have done a few and it's dead easy to aswell as you are just throwing things on the card (well not literally but you know what I mean) have a great crafty day
Jacki xx

Debs M said...

looking forward to seeing what you come up with! x

Cherry said...

Owwww can't wait to see what you do with this Kathy, great idea from Brenda. May have a go when I see yours. Have sticky creative fun. Hugs Cherry XxX

Cheryl said...

hi hun look forward too seeing what you come up with hun I am currently working on mine at the moment,so hope to have it on my blog soon,headache is much better now hun thanks for asking,fence looks great too hugs cheryl xxxx

Brenda Brown said...

I will go searching for the finished product cos I wanna see what you do with it.
Quite nice weather here although a couple of times it has just tried to spit with rain.
Catch ya later.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

My name is Wynneth said...

What a posh new finish your second shed now has young kathy :o) mr k has clearly worked like a Trojan over the past few days !!

Reading this post but knowing you've added a second, so I'm now off to check on the finished steampunk article !!