Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Morning readers and welcome to Tuesday

Morning readers,

How goes the day with you all? We have lovely sunny weather here and hubby is out on the lawn cutting wood.

For those followers who have been with me since about this time last year (almost my first blogversary btw) you may remember the saga of  (cue dramatic music) ......... "THE SHED". Well, we have TWO sheds and this week sees the renovation of shed number two!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee Haa - not likely to be so many photos of our "little shed" though as it's tucked around the corner and I can't sneak a photo out of the window - like I did last year! BUT I'LL TRY

Anyway, over on craft mad and loving it Lauren set us a project to have some fun and I do love to get a bit messy and I HAVE had a canvas loitering for a while so I gesso'd it and then covered it with Ranger dabber acrylic in white pearl .......

Then I thought I would use alcohol inks but I wasn't sure whether the effect would work on the acrylic surface so I had this super brilliant idea to coat it with gloss mod podge (by definition a sealer and gloss surface) which I THOUGHT would give me the perfect base for my alcohol inks ..... of course, the flaw with this plan (and also with the gesso and acrylic) is ...... the drying time - it's LITERALLY like watching paint dry!!! ha ha. I then set to work with my Tim Holtz blending tool and felt pad along with alcohol inks: Stream, Pink Sherbert, Wild Plum, Sunshine Yellow and Gold, in conjunction with the blending solution. One immediate drawback was that it dried virtually instantly so I didn't get my blending solution to blur the dabs ...... the resulting effect was rather too loud, man!!!!

So, what to do to tone it down ..... another lightbulb moment and I grabbed a pale versacolour chalk ink pad and some Tim Holtz masks and dabbed away for all I was worth - and then? DISASTER! A) it looked horrible and B) when peeling the masks off my mod podge and alcohol ink layer started to come too and so, dear reader, I spent the next half hour achieving this......

Yep, pretty much ..... NOTHING!!! It was fun though but a little messy - fortunately I sat myself down with an alcohol free baby wipe and a piece of kitchen roll so no lasting harm to the canvas, the paper, the hands or the furniture!!! So I'm back to the old drawing board - any suggestions?

Hope you are all having more fun than me but, at least, I'm not left with a horrible effect I WON'T finish as I am now back to the acrylic base and can have another go - it was a learning curve too.


My name is Wynneth said...

Thanks for sharing what works and what doesn't kathy !! Have you thought about UTEE and a heat gun to creae some interesting 'bobbly' (tehnicual term) areas and or to press some stamps into? Just a thought :O)

scrappyjacky said...

I prefer spraying on canvas.....I do gesso or mod podge first though....and you can dry it with a heat tool....or do another crafty project while it dries.Tissue works well on canvas if you want texture and then paint or spray on top.
I'll learn from you and avoid alcohol inks!!

Dolly Daydreams said...

No suggestions of help but just wanted to say I liked what I saw ! It's good to share the bad with the good too so thanksxx


Lauren Hatwell said...

Thanks for the tip Kathy (can't wait to see phase 2) and I hope your 2nd shed will soon be feeling sick and span.... Lx