Monday, 20 June 2011

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

Now with the age of technology comes a new hazard - SPAM - don't you HATE IT? I do, I frequently get spam e-mails offering me all sorts of things from enlargements for equipment I don't have (?!) to viagara and beyond (to be said in a Buzz Lightyear kind of voice)! On a well known craft forum Spammers appear to have moved in and be making themselves quite at home, spamming on the blog page as well as the general chat page making it quite annoying for many (myself included - after all I can't even stand in louboutin shoes let alone walk in them!). I don't really "get" why they do it either since their text is usually just garbage cut and pasted from somewhere else it's not even as if they are trying to sell a product!! No, I just don't get it at all - anyway, I digress, I was eyeballing the general forum this very morning and fell upon a particular post by an active forum member and she had found the best solution to spammers and I'd like to share it with you this morning ..... I've enlarged it but perhaps too far as the lines are now a tad on the fuzzy side but ... isn't it fab?

No crafting yet today and no earth shattering news to share (like a lottery win ..... maybe one day!) so .... Happy Monday peeps


jackid said...

Yep Spam is a pain I don't understand why they do it eoither must have very sad boring lives that's all I can think of why else love the smiley
Jacki xx

Brenda Brown said...

Happy Monday to you too. Have a good week.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

scrappyjacky said...

I get a lot of spam as's a right pain!!!!