Wednesday, 29 June 2011

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday

Hi there and welcome to new follower, Win_or_lose52 - hope you'll find a reason to pop back some time soon.

Just took delivery of some vacation footwear, from Lands End - BOGOF too - I DOOOOO love a bargain. One pair pink and one pair, laughingly called "TOMATO" - bet you don't have to guess what colour those are though!!! Makes a change from flip flops for me though. If they're comfy I might just order another pair (yes, in a different colour!) since they sent me a 10% discount voucher too - which'll even cover the P&P!!! even better.

Is it me or is technology having a bad day again? I heard Susan Raihala muttering about people not being able to see her photos on her blog, the craftbubble forum just won't play (AGAIN!! and it's not even the weekend!) - hang on, let me check ........ nope, still got my growing band of followers who have been nipping off somewhere together several times over this past week. Now if I was a computer guru I would probably be able to venture an opinion on this little lot but, as it is, my statement on this phenomena is GRRRRRRRR - arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to Susan's wonderful blog - her challenge for OLW60 is "Quick Layers of Ink" and, obviously, a One Layer card with some really smart examples so ....... if you fancy getting in to CAS (Clean And Simple - with plenty of white space, for the uninitiated) why not pop over to her blog or check out the Simply Less Is More blog which is also a CAS blog and this week features a fab sketch, remaining open to entries until Friday evening.

Well it's What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday again and, since I've done no crafting for two whole days now, I'm feeling a little creatively restless ....... guess I should nip off and have a go at Susan's challenge whilst trying to wear in my new shoes!!!! perhaps one of my inky layers could be ....... tomato! Thought I would try a different angle (since my work area doesn't change a whole lot! Sat outside last night, with my camera and thought "Blimey, I should really tidy up that area"!!!!

Have a happy and craft-y Wednesday folks - and a great BIG PURPLE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my crafting buddy, ScrappyJacky - 21 again!


Debs M said...

oooh shoes!! hope you manage to get some craftiness today x

scrappyjacky said...

I wish,Kathy!!!!!!! Thanks for your lovely birthday card.....and I'm now off out to lunch with a friend.

My name is Wynneth said...

What very fine Footwear you have acquired miss kathy - I especially LOVE the pink ones (who'd have guessed eh?) Quite a bargain too from the sounds of it.

That's a very arty photo of your workspace this week - you must have had a much warmer evening in your neck of the woods than we did if you were sitting out that after dark brrrrrr.....

I blame sunspots and solar flares myself - maybe the Followers keep going on coach trips to watch all the solar activity eh? LOL

Cherry said...

Great shoes PP - love both pairs. Great card above too really like the purple lime combo. Have a thrilling Thursday. Hugs Cherry XxX