Friday, 10 December 2010

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I SURVIVED!!!!! My hubby had a totally insane idea to head to the mall this morning so we got up and out and where there before 10:00 ............. the rest of the World must've arrived at one minute TO 10:00!!! and were driving aimlessly around looking for a parking space as we arrived! LUCKILY (for my husband) someone backed out of a space close to the entrance as we were approaching so we nabbed it. All thoughts of heading anywhere other than the M&S food hall had already left my head as I was thinking of the Christmas edition of Father Ted one year where the priests had been stuck in the lingerie department for days unable to find a way out!!! Steadfastly, we headed in to M&S and sought out a trolley - they've introduced the £1 coin system to obtain a trolley - hubby's pockets didn't yield fruit so I rummaged and found one - otherwise we'd have failed in our mission already! Now M&S do some scrummy food but this morning I think the emphasis was more on the "SCRUM" element and I quickly felt as though I had donned Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility as trolleys hit my rump one after another - now I know I need to lose weight but honestly, have a care peeps! Every single person in the not inconsiderable line at the check outs required the assistance of a supervisor too - makes me wonder if hubby's learned his lesson by now! Of course, it IS probably all my own fault as I had said that the newly opened stretch of road afforded an excellent view of the Concorde so this may have been the reason for our trip! - it is scheduled for removal from public site imminently and that may have been one of the last chances to see it - soooooooooo, yep - should have kept my mouth shut - still, nice view of a local landmark eh? - leaving aside the building site debris in the foreground!!!!

Hope your day is less fraught than mine - on the plus side, we did make it home before the post arrived so am unlikely to have missed any deliveries of Christmas parcels - Eureka!

Have a great Friday!


scrappyjacky said...

All our shoppers must have gone to yours....very quiet in the shopping centre today.....not even anybody in front of me in Costa.....which is almost unheard of.....only busy place was the Post Office....and as I used 'self service'....even that was quick!!!!!

Dora said...

Yes, at this time of year shopping is not fun at all, so many people! I did though manage to get me some new clothes and a party dress which I already worn :)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Way to go Kathy. You're not wrong about the great view of Concorde. Lx

Katiejane said...

Concord WOW, great shot too Kathy. It sounds like M&S was quite an adventure! Glad you got home safely ;)
Katie x