Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday Funny - bet you thought I'd forgotten!

Hi everyone - me again, bet you were thinking I'd forgotten the Friday funny but I was merely looking for something topical and here it it.
Sorry I'm a bit late posting today but I thought I'd posted this morning and even posted this one as a second post before realising that, no, I hadn't! Must be an age thing!
Anyway, last evening's trip to the theatre went off just great, we had tickets up in the Gods (two rows behind us I swear they were issuing oxygen!) but a clear view of the stage. We were there to watch Connie Fisher starring in The Sound of Music and she was excellent in the role. We had the added bonus of a Joseph wannabe in a minor role in the show too. The weather wasn't bad considering how everyone seems to have been so badly affected - yes, it was COLD but it wasn't slippery just plain cold!

Anyway, back to today . . . having had the Surrogates Secret Santa draw on Wednesday I thought I would go and try to get this present. I headed off to a local shopping area with a Sainsburys, shopping21, Peacocks, Argos, Boots, JJB etc thinking I might be lucky. It was only 2:15 but I drove up about eight parking rows before I found a space - it was MOBBED!!! I eventually found a parking space and was successful in my shopping mission too, thank goodness.

And now for the Friday Funny - ENJOY!

There was a Two Foot Snow Warning in New York recently ............

Once again I must thank Pat for this one - have a great weekend everyone!


scrappyjacky said...

We certainly won' be driving anywhere in a hurry...still a foot of well as the cold!!! Glad you managed to get the gift.

My name is Wynneth said...

Pleased to hear you had a lovely evening. This made me smile :O)

Dora said...

Ha ha I like this two foot warning.. I was wondering what it was when I saw it on my blog reader xx