Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Welcome to WOYWDW!!


What a night last night? And you simply would NOT believe all the washing up either!! Hubby cooked a delicious Thai meal last night . . .  for SEVEN of us - not without it's logistical problems since our dining room table only seats six but hey ..... the surrogates are like family! Steve even made his own bread - which was exceptionally well received and the poor birdies got NONE this morning!

We kicked off fairly as it was a "school night" but it turned out that only one of us had to get up and go to work this morning - sorry Chris! Becky has finished for Christmas and Nick and Alan are working from home - so everyone had the luxury of a lie-in except Chris ...... and my own dear hubby because his hair appointment in Gloucester necessitated being on the 09:52 train from Bristol!!! Not so the rest of us and I'm sure we've enjoyed our lazier start to the morning - I know I have!

So, I've washed the table cloths (Thai green curry - so messy!) and now have another load in and the dishwasher is on its third run (where DO all these blessed dishes come from?) and the birds are busy working on the leftover rice so I'm feeling smugly self righteous and thinking that a little crafting may be in order. Now, I've had a couple of cards from people I had not sent to (you might feel that my head is hanging in shame - which it is) so its far too late for a Christmas card but a New Years card should be do-able! PLUS the challenge over on I Love Pro Markers is "Anything Goes" so I might be able to combine the two . . . . AND it's WOYWDW so  ........... here's how things are looking right now and please feel free to check back later and see how it all ended up!

And welcome to my 40th follower, Annie, who's Subscriber of the month in the January issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft - YAY ANNIE!

Thanks for stopping by and, in case you don't get the chance again with Saturday looming large on the calendar ...



Lauren Hatwell said...

Well good morning to you Your Purpleness. Congrats to Annie for being Subscriber of the Month over at C&P too. Hope you get a lovely prize.

What can I say, your table looks just lovely. I am deeply envious as I am rather fond of thai green curry and am only too aware of just how great Steve's cooking is...hmph!

Looks like a good time was had by all and I'm glad to see your work desk is back in action after the major clear down of last week. Mine, alas is a desert, though it IS covered in toffees so all is not lost.

Look forward to a crafty project in the near future. I am hoping to hit the crafty table myself today. We shall see.


scrappyjacky said...

Looks and sounds like a very enjoyable evening....glad you didn't have to get up too early.

jackid said...

It certainly does sound like an enjoyable evening by all but the poor little dicky birds shame they couldn't have any lol
Jacki xx