Monday, 27 December 2010

It's Monday and it's FINALLY warming up!

And the snow is melting here - no - I'm NOT SORRY, not sorry at all. We all talk fondly about a white Christmas but this years appears to have been virtually a white December! - and we're done with it! Lovely to look at but so inconvenient for younger people and so treacherous for older folks.

Hope you've all managed to stay safe in this cold spell.

Eat Sleep Harley - perfect for a Harley owner!
Santa gets his own gift!

Yesterday our overnight guests headed off around lunchtime and we headed off to the surrogates for 5:30 - it was bitterly cold as we set out and parts of our journey were pretty slippy as the compacted snow had turned to ice - we made our way down the road for much of it as the roads were VERY quiet, thankfully. The surrogates had prepared a bit of a feast - just in case we were all starving!, with all sorts of lovely little nibbly bits to pick at all evening. Young Harry was playing Santa to dispense our Secret Santa gifties and everyone seemed to have done very well with some smashing gifts - I got a fab sparkly purple scarf, some biccies and travel size toiletries (always handy for our jaunts) and Steve got a cheese selection, some chocs and some beer. After the gift ceremony was over and we'd eaten our fill (though grazing continued for some while!) it was time to break out the games . . . . we played Blast from the past (a S.S. gift) and Who wants to be a millionaire - though we never got past £16,000! When it got to nearly midnight we thought we'd best head off for home and got dressed up again and ventured forth . . . . in to what felt like an even colder night - though that was probably the wind chill (and the wreath on my front door being found on the lawn this morning would seem to agree with that!) - it was even more slippery on the way home and one of us lost his balance - what a good job he didn't risk bringing the beer home with him last night!! Nothing damaged except his pride and we made the rest of the journey unscathed - YAY!

The surrogates!

Steve was delighted with his S.S.

This morning seems to have dawned quite a number of degrees warmer and seems set to continue for a few days - we're hopeful that all traces of snow will have gone by this evening. Not so on the east coast of the U.S. where about 18" of snow fell on New York yesterday - they'll be ski-ing down Fifth Avenue at this rate!!!

Have a good day whatever you have planned - we're off to my brother's to spend the afternoon with him, my S-i-L and their family ...... that'll be more food then!

Take care all


jackid said...

Hi Kathy glad you had a great night and by the pics it looks as if you did it's snowing here this moring (Oldbury) though there is some rain mixed in with it
Jacki xx

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like it's the year of the snow....both sides of the Atlantic.
Sounds like you've had a great christmas,Kathy.

jackid said...

Hi Kathy yes the ring is emerald with 2 diamonds 1 each side it's my birth stone and have wanted one for ages now I have it heheh have a great day
love Jacki xx