Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I'm not making any more until 2011 and that's final! I am, however, going to order 100 card blanks in the New Year and will keep them separate and purely for my Christmas cards and then I'll be able to see my own progress towards Christmas 2011! Do you think it will work? No, I'm not sure either but it's worth a try!

Well it's the season of Christmas parties and I'm sure everyone has lots to attend this year. No new frock for me though, since we've both stopped working there are no "works" do's to go to and this also leaves a couple more evenings to meet up with friends for meals etc. too, which will be lovely - we are meeting up soon with our friends from Thatcham - for an Italian meal and Bristol friends for an Indian meal - wonder how many types of cuisine we could fit in between now and Christmas! We have guests joining us for a Thai evening in the near future - that'll be the surrogates and hubby will be cooking - I'll be the "hostess"!! I've already made the place cards and napkin holders and posted photos of them on recent posts so I think I have finished all my Christmas stuff and should be able to file all my Christmas stamps, embellishments, papers etc - till the New Year. WELL THAT'S THE PLAN ANYWAY. And, to that end, we've even put a tree in the dining room in readiness . . . . . . it's a black fibre optic - please ignore the plastic bag in the foreground, it's the one the decorations were in!!!! Ooops - guess I need to tidy there next!

I've also put away my Christmas supplies of wrapping paper, tags, boxes (for concealment of "odd" shaped gifts - fiend that I am!!!) and my spare bedroom looks tidier than its been in weeks (make that months!) - just as well since some of the friends we'll be catching up with over the holiday season will be staying overnight!

Right, so - now I've no Christmas projects to fill my time - exactly what AM I going to be doing? I've no idea at the moment but am determined to find un-Christmas-y crafting to do. Wish me luck!

That's all for today folks - I think the sun is WELL over the yard arm and I plan to take a leaf from the book my good friend, Lauren, and have a little drinkie! Have a pleasant evening peeps - catch you all tomorrow

Hubby put some solar lights in our shed this afternoon!!!! (go figure! but all my blog followers will know about my hubby and his shed!). Well, I thought to myself - solar Christmas lights? What's that all about? I mean, just HOW MUCH LIGHT is there during the day around Christmas? I realise this is going to look a bit like Tony Blairs election campaign (who remembers the DEMON EYES thing?) but here are the shed lights!!!


Kathyk said...

ooops, managed to change the colour of my text background and can't work out how to revert to the original - hmmmmmmm - pretend you can't see it!!!

jackid said...

I know exactly how you feel about not having anything to do Phil has just said the same to me that I'm bored with no cards to do anyway no paties for me either but enjoy your evenings with friends and family and I love the tree I will have to get a new tree for next year one that doesn't shake when I take a pic of it lol take care

My name is Wynneth said...

I was wondering about the colour change Kathy!!!! I am in awe of your preparedness my dear :O( I've stil soooooo.... much to do it's giving me a headache. So, no excuses, before 1 january 2011 I WILL have started my christmas cards for next year, I so will not go through this again! I had planned to do this last january, but this time I mean it!!! :O)
Sounds like you have some great times ahead with all your plans to dine with friends - have fun :O)

scrappyjacky said...

I'm certainly not ready yet....though xmas cards are all made....and mostly posted.....and everything fairly well on target.
My least favourite thing about xmas....the present wrapping still to do.
Love that photo of the black tree.

Katiejane said...

Wowie Kathy, talk about busy! I had aimed to be more prepared for Xmas this year and thought I was; however I still have loads to do and very little time EEEEEK!
All your evening plans sound fab! Enjoy all that good food :)Sooo jealous!!!
Katie x

Katiejane said...

Your tree looks really cute too :)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Your tree looks so pretty Kathy. Ours will be going up at the weekend methinks. I, too, am deeply jealous of your preparedness and nursing a Wynneth-stylee headache.....eeeek!


Dora said...

I never have anything to do, relax and enjoy your free time :) and your tree looks beautiful.. have fun with all your planned meals. . I have my office dinner meal tomorrow. Hugs xxx