Friday, 17 December 2010

TGI Friday peeps - and FRIDAY FUN TIME!!!

Got snow? Woke up around 06:00 for some reason and dashed to the window as we were supposed to have snow overnight. We had, but it could best be described as "a dusting". Went back to sleep - the only sensible option!

When I awoke a second time (with the shrill sound of the alarm in my ear) at a much more reasonable time of 08:15 we still had snow but had no more than at 06:00 (thank heavens). I went out to clear my car before heading off to meet a friend for coffee, and to give her a Christmas present. We met in Downend and there we found we were spoiled for choice of three coffee shops and even the pub does morning coffee! We selected a starbuck-esque store with a Christmas tree and lights and empty tables - quite important! A lovely latte and a good old natter later we spotted a mini blizzard going on outside so opted for another drink! By the time we went our separate ways the snow had stopped and it had started to warm up and thaw - not that I'm sorry but . . . . WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR WEATHER???

When I got home I had a nice pile of about ten Christmas cards to greet me and I have a lovely collection of hand made cards now, along with many which are not hand made but, if you've sent me a card then be assured it IS appreciated.

Hubby has gone off on a manic hunt for his favourite confection - Paynes Plain chocolate Brazil nuts! They are getting pretty hard to find and I'm sure if he does track some down then there will probably be half a dozen boxes heading home with him!!! Me? I can take or leave them - so at least he will have them all to himself!

No crafting for me for several days now so I think I feel the urge to hit the craft table . . . .

Hope your Friday is going well peeps and, if you have snow once more (or still!) then do take care.

This week's Friday Funny came to me from Sandra - so thanks for this. It's actually only part of her e-mail but I particularly liked this one that came with the caption "Take the occasional risk"!!!!!! This is probably one you would only ever get to try ONCE!!!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Mmmmmm....good job I'm miles away or those chocolate Brazils would be a distant memory...slurp!

What a cute little mousey. I do LOVE mice. Don't do it mousey...step away from the cheese...


jackid said...

cute pic Kathy and what a lot of cards you have had by looks of it there way to go it's freezing cold here just got back from an afternoon out and I am sitting by radiator as I type this dithering lol
Take care
Jacki xx

clare said...

HEE HEE, great picture. x

My name is Wynneth said...

Oooo.... Payne's plain chocolate Brazils - I just knew that Steve was a a great chap with exellent taste !! I've sharpened my elbows so's I can beat Lauren to them, they are my absolute favourite choccies in the whole wide world - yummmmmmmmy LOL