Monday, 17 January 2011

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week

Welcome to my newest followers, Busy Lizzy - don't know how you came across my blog but WELCOME and Judie (Craftymess).

There's a new clean and simple challenge blog started up here aiming to set a weekly challenge, from February 5th - for anyone who's interested.

Cool, grey and murky Monday here in Bristol - don't what it's like outside, as I've not ventured forth .... yet but since I am up and about early (for me anyway) then once my chiropodist (and reason for my "early" start)  has gone I might go out - need some new underwear as the washing machine's been very "hungry" lately and chowed down on some of the "wires" - know what I mean?

Hubby went out last evening leaving me to craft - well, there wasn't much on the telly! HOWEVER, I DIDN'T!!!!! What I DID do though, is have a bit of a reshuffle of the cupboard space so I can now put away my big shot - all I have to do now is think of something to do with my Quickutz Revolution - though my pal (Sue) did mention she might take it off my hands - wish me luck. It's sitting on the floor, right in the way, at the moment - simply because there is nowhere else to put it!

Anyway, whatever you have planned I hope you will enjoy your day - catch y'all later - probably - that's what usually happens when I post in the mornings!!!


scrappyjacky said...

A real grotty,wet day here...have just got back from work...and more 'altering' to do for DD!!

jackid said...

hi Kathy horrid day here too but I shall tucked in my little corner crafting away dizzy spells have eased now thankfully just had a peak on the less is more site will keep an eye open for things to start take care
Jacki xx