Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wild and woolly Tuesday

Strewth, another blowy night and gusty morning here at the purple palace!

Also had an e-mail from my brother (he and my SIL and nephews) are in Thailand for a wedding/long holiday and it would seem like they are having a fab time kayaking, swimming, riding elephants - we're told the girls (Alex' girlfriend went too) had a fish pedicure - eeeeuuuuuwwww! apparently the wedding went of very well so I can only assume bruv got his cream shirt made in time - they all had instructions about the required attire and my bruv reckons you cannot get a cream shirt currently in the UK - at one point he was talking of laundering a white shirt and a T-Bag!!!!

Anyhoo, several of my crafting buddies had expressed curiosity about the contents of my Crafty Individuals order so here it is in its entirety . . . . well, actually I haven't photographed the delightful array of freebies as it's just rubber and sometimes hard to distinguish the design without a piccie - there is one circular sentiment about seashells, a rather nice plant collage and (of course) the Dream a little Dream which I used yesterday.

Think it might be time to head off and do some crafting!!!

I hope you are all having a good day and are not too windswept - we have a guest coming to dinner this evening so have been food shopping and I suppose that, at some time this afternoon, I really should tidy up and then go lay the table ready!! Perhaps I should make a place card for her .......


Lauren Hatwell said...

These are lovely Kathy. I've got the sleigh over the town one but none of the others. Looking forward to seeing them turn up on cards in the coming months maybe. Lx

jackid said...

Cant wait to see you use them and what you come up with
Jacki xx

My name is Wynneth said...

Awesome CI haul there young Kathy ;o) I have the one on the right with the vertical Christmas on it, it's a fabulous stamp. You and your christmas cards !!!!!!! starting really early this year then LOL

Katiejane said...

You have to be the Queen of crafts Kathy! As for your bruv, it sounds like he's pretty creative too with the whole tbag/shirt idea! Good job he didn't actually have to follow it through :)
Hope you had a lovely evening.
Katie x
P.S Great stamps btw