Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Welcome to hump day Wednesday - it's WOYWDW too!

The days seem shorter - they must be because it doesn't seem like seven days since the last Wednesday!

It's What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday over on craftbubble's Craft Mad & Loving It where everyone photographs their current projects. My desk was looking conspicuously tidy last evening but I aim to fix all that shortly. I went to make some hot chocolate yesterday only to find the choc powder was one solid lump in the bottom of the canister so I chiselled out what I wanted and threw the rest away and cleaned the container out thinking - "hmmmmm recycling!" So here's how my desk's looking today ...... I realise that it's probably going to end up as just another pen holder but hey - aren't those ALWAYS useful?

A lot of peoples thoughts over the Christmas break turned to vacations (especially with all that nasty snow and cold) and my hubby's no different - we've had brochures strewn all over the place and copious notes on bits of papers. We've had discussions about so many possible locations - I think the only one that hasn't come up is Richard Branson's SPACE option!!!!! We've spent quite a while on the phone, several times, with our friends in Blackpool as we had mooted another vacation with them in 2011. It is Mary's 70th this year (she won't mind me telling you for two reasons - 1) she never comes on to my blog and 2) she looks about 55!!!!) and they were planning a Danube cruise in July and had asked us if we might like to accompany them. We'll pass on the Danube but would be more than happy to vacation with them again as they are such lovely people, if we can all agree on location!. What about you lot then readers? You got any plans? I love to hear about other peoples vacations so please ..... do share.

Anyway, nothing arrived in the post today, except a Land's End Sale catalogue - when will they learn? The last time I ordered from them has to have been almost ten years ago!! but they still send them regularly and I just rip off and shred the back page (with my name, address and account number) and recycle the rest - isn't that what most people do with most catalogues? Nett result? I'm STILL waiting for my Craft Obsessions order and one from Crafty Individuals - neither is overdue, I'm just getting excited! Doesn't everyone ALSO love new stash?

It's been VERY windy here since yesterday evening and raining for most of this morning too and, at only 6°, it's not overly warm either - it's 15° in Champions Gate, Florida (and only 08:30) - making me wish I was there!

Have a good afternoon and evening peeps and do try to stay warm/dry/safe/all of the above.


scrappyjacky said...

We're hoping to vacation this year....but may go for a last minute idea where!!!

My name is Wynneth said...

Lovely recycling project there young Kathy - you really must get some nice pens into it !!! Well, vacations in 2011 for us will kick off with a little train trip on 13 february, followed by the great CMLI craftathon in Accrington on 18/19 Feb. Then a cheap and cheerful trip to spain starting on 28 feb which means I'll (hopefully) be celbrating my birthday with a little winter sunshine :O) Starting the year off nicely

Kathyk said...

Looks like you are well ahead on the vacation stakes at the moment Wynneth. Mind you, we're probably ALL dreaming of sunshine at the moment!