Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tuesday Jan 4th and most people are heading back to work . . .

Morning all,

I guess many of you are heading back to work, some for the first time since before Christmas - I hope your first day back isn't like that of my friend who was in work last week but the heating in the building had failed over the break - she was wearing every ounce of clothing she had been able to lay her hands on!

Well, what about this weather then? Yesterday saw powdery snow falling for much of the day. Luckily for us though, it didn't really settle anywhere and I for one, am not even a little bit sorry.

Stayed in because there was no reason to go out and didn't see the point in dressing like Nanook of the frozen wastes and getting cold and wet in to the bargain - more time for crafting too.

Got cracking on writing the birthday/anniversary cards for January so I now have a nice little stack waiting to be posted. The thank you letters are awaiting posting today - being the first "proper" posting day since Christmas although we did have deliveries on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Yesterday, I was given an award and had to share some "stuff" about myself - one was that I used to be a bit of a biker . . . . and, frankly, some of you were just a tad sceptical. I don't actually have any photos of me on said "bike" but here's a layout from a mini family album I did a few years back and it shows my late father "test driving" Hagar the horrible (my mum's name for my bike)!! It wasn't the biggest bike I ever rode but it was sure amongst the heaviest at just short of 500lbs and yes, I did have to pick it up off the road on one occasion and I can tell you I felt every one of those pounds!!!

Hubby was out at a meeting last evening which gave me the chance to crack on and craft with a movie of MY choice on - Sunday night saw us watching "Sptifire Women" because everything else recorded was "for me" - mind you I have to grudgingly confess to enjoying it!, AND he had a point - "Meet the Santas" is not really a very "guy" movie!

We cardmakers all, sooner or later, have to make a sympathy card or two and they never get any easier to make. What's the right image to achieve just the right level of sobriety without being too much? Well, I was trawling blogs recently and came across Joanne Wardle's and she was reflecting on her card making year - June saw her making a sympathy card and I thought it simple and sensitive with just the right tone - I also had the set of Paper Artsy stamps containing both the image and sentiment so set about making a similar (but not identical card). I used Brilliance starlight black ink for my image and memento tuxedo black ink for the sentiment which I also stamped on both the insert and envelope. I used narrow organza ribbon twice round the panel and a separate length tied in to a knot where the two lengths crossed. My thanks to Joanne - do check out her blog here where you can catch many other clever ideas and tips. Now, with hubby still out at his meeting I set to thinking that it would make a very nice non sympathy card so I grabbed some blingy ribbon, some green faux gemstones, some Brilliance green (I think its Thyme) and some Versacolor Lime geen and a couple of shades of green card and VOILA!!!! It has to be said that the blingy ribbon, though FABULOUS, makes the card very definitely a HAND DELIVERY!!!


Dawn said...

Ohhh Kathy I used to be a bit of a biker too! had a number of different bikes but my all time fav was a VFR 400 import! Bright yellow it was in fact it was soooo bright it was YELLOW!!!!!!
I think my poor OH spent more time fixing it than I did riding it but OOOOOhhhhh what fun!!
Thanks for reminding me!!!
Big Biker Hugs
Dawn xxx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning Kathy. I remember you showing me that pic of your Dear Dad on Dear old Hagar. Great to see you airing it again for the doubters :oD

I saw Joanne's (a fellow ginger) fab cards on her bloggy and I must say you've done a great job here. They're just beautiful and very appropriate for those sad times of loss we all have to deal with from time to time (though hopefully not too frequently).


scrappyjacky said...

I think the sympathy card strikes just the right note....always very difficult.

xxxtglxxx said...

Hi Kathy :)

Nothing wrong with being a biker!.. I was (and still am) an 'original goth'... ahem! lol

The sympathy card is perfect, you are right, its so hard to do...

Hope the new year has a great start for you! :)
Keep blogging, you make me chuckle!



Brenda Brown said...

Gorgeous cards KAthy, you are right the image and sentiment are just perfect.
Hope you've had a good day.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

My name is Wynneth said...

Two awesome cards young kathy. Sympathy cards are so difficult to make, hard to hit the right note as you say. You managed to create a triumph, not sad and soppy just chic and sophisicated. I love the blingy green ribbon, and the whole second card is fabulous :O)

I was never a biker, just a pillion passenger on OH's 125 cc bike !!! Can you really picture MY hair trapped under a crash helmet? can ya? hee....heeee.... !

joanne wardle said...

ooo yes the green and bling definitely lift this to being a cheerful card