Friday, 21 January 2011

TGIF people!

Morning everyone,

Hope you are all having a great Friday, so far, and have BIG plans for the weekend. No?, me either!!!

Some of you good people may remember me mentioning that I had been selected as "Subscriber of the Month" for February in Card Making and Paper Craft. There is a mystery prize for this honour AND you get photos of some of your cards published. Last time I was waiting for something to arrive from Origin it took over a month so, imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang this morning and there was the postie, with my mystery giftie. I ripped open the packaging and . . .  here is the photo of what I received - THANK YOU Origin.

No crafting yet - but it's still early in the day! I am, however, expecting visitors at some point today so it may be a bit hit and miss, though I do still WANT to make my card for One Layer Wednesday - which is sentiments this week.

Not so much a Friday Funny as something completely RIDICULOUS! My good friends, Liz and Graeme, gave me a page per day calendar for Christmas. I'm a bit obsessed with shoes so, naturally, they gave me a shoe calendar. Some of the shoes are GORGEOUS, some weird and this one - which is just RIDICULOUS!

HAVE a GREAT Friday peeps


jackid said...

wow what the heck would you wear those with lol congrats on your SOTM and getting your prize so early there looks some lovely goodies in there so happy playing have a greast day
Jacki xx

Debs M x said...

ooh i had one of those calenders a couple of years ago..they are fab! x

scrappyjacky said...

Saw you in it....saw you in it.....saw you in it!!!!!
Lovely prize.

My name is Wynneth said...

Well actually Kathy, I think those boots are fabulous!!!! Could just see you tripping the light fantastic wearing them dahlink!!! ;oD


Kathyk said...

Tripping being the operative word I should think!!!!


Dora said...

I missed seeing your name :)) wow that's fantastic, I'm so happy you were picked and that is fabulous prize. enjoy it xxx