Wednesday, 8 September 2010

2nd post of the day - don't forget to check out my earlier post!!

Well - I was given this wall plaque a while ago and thought I would just post a photo of it - because, mostly, it's so blooming true!
HOWEVER!! having said that, I can't believe I just typed a whole long post, with photo's, highlighted the lot and then twitched . . . . which deleted the whole darn lot!!! BUM - anyone else done that? Irritating isn't it?

Oh well - here I go again and I shall try to be more careful this time!

On the right is my layout of the wedding of one of hubby's aunts. I don't have wedding photos for all of hubby's aunts but I not only have the wedding photos for this one but also the wedding certificate so I photocopied this at a smaller size and made the little pocket for the bottom right corner, distressing it with D.I. in Spun Sugar and Victorian Velvet before stamping the sentiment and a couple of celebratory images and highlighting with glitter glue. I also stamped the beautiful heart image top left in Spun Sugar too. It's the first opportunity I've had to utilise stamping on this project and I enjoyed this. I started hand writing the journalling but decided that using the computer was clearer and looked much nicer too!!

In addition to this wedding layout I had a photograph of the family group on a Church outing; I'm assuming a Church outing of some description because they're all dressed up, carrying flowers and either bibles or prayer books - we also believe that the photo is in Gloucester city so are thinking maybe they're on their way to or from the cathedral. I took some wired silver ribbon and (after removing the wire) tied a big bow and fastened "artistically" across the page - unfortunately, now I've done it I find that I'm not at all sure I like it but it's done now - that'll teach me - I craft at the speed of light and often stick before I think! Still, it's a nice photograph and a nice paper so maybe some of you won't think it as horrible as I do - sorry hubby.

I have also done a further two layouts recording hubby's school days but he's not at all keen on my "publishing" those so I'm sorry but you'll have to manage without seeing those lovely knobbly knees!!!

I have more wedding pages to do but these will be back to being of the in-laws, and then I have some WWII pages and I'm not sure how to go about those or whether hubby will want those published when they're done either so will just have to wait and see how they turn out.

Aside from that, hubby's gone flying again today as the weather has turned out to be sunny, warm and not at all windy - hooray. Of course, he entirely forgot that we were supposed to be going grocery shopping but - no matter - there's always tomorrow!!

I hope you are all enjoying your vintage photofest and your Hump Day Wednesday - it'll soon be the weekend. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving me all your wonderful comments, they really are appreciated. Don't forget to stop by again tomorrow and see how I'm getting on . . .


Brenda Brown said...

My goodness Kathy you are going at the speed of light, but aren't they gorgeous to have? Great job.
B xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

Two more lovely layouts Kathy and not a 'horrid' one amongst all the fabulous creations you've done recently ;O)

I think it's lovely that you know who all your rellies are and are able to journal with the photos for posterity :O)


Lauren Hatwell said...

What a great wall plaque that is. I love the style of it too.

Beautiful LO's Kathy. I'm sorry you're not so pleased with the second one. I think its great. Lx

xxxtglxxx said...

I love these wedding pages! Gorgeous, and I love how you have matched the black and white feel with the silver ribbon.
I have been meaning to do my wedding scrapbook for ages, and never seem to get round to it...
Very inspirational, thanks for sharing. :)