Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hello everybody!

Morning all
Hope your Tuesday is proceeding nicely though in all probability, the weather is perfectly pants!! Sure is here, it's dull, grey positively murky and the ground beneath the feet is quite soggy. Hmm, definitely a day to stay in and craft, methinks!
I had planned to meet up with a couple of pals this morning (for coffee and cakes) but as you all know, sometimes things just don't work out and one of them had something important come up so, when I spoke to the other "musketeer" we both agreed that we too had many other things we probably ought to be doing and have postponed until we can all make it. Shame, as it's always great to catch up with these two.
More time for me to crack on with Chrimbo cards though eh? I'm actually quite pleased as I am now up to 65 so my plan to start early in the year and do so many each month appears to have paid off - this time last year I think I had notched up around 20 and it was such a mad panic in the run up to Christmas. I'm sure my crafting buddies over at Craft Mad & Loving It are a bit sick of seeing another Christmas Sketchie from me week after week (after week!).
It was also so nice to see my Gloucester crafting pal, Sheila, yesterday as we realised this was actually the first crafting get together THIS YEAR!! We really MUST try harder you know. Again, this appears to have been down to real life getting in the way, what with one thing and another and her son getting married and childminding for her two grand daughters and our vacations our free days just hadn't managed to coincide! It was fun to play and I'm so very pleased that Sheila liked the project I chose for us to work on, I'd laid out the paper, stamps, inks, etc before her arrival so we were able to just get straight on. Can't wait to see what Sheila's choice will be for our next meeting . . . as to craft shopping, Gloucester's a bit craft shop deprived and we've done the wonderful Stamp Bug so we just might have to try Bee Crafty in Evesham for a nice little trip . . . .
Anyway, I'm also expecting a little package from Imaginationcrafts today (or possibly tomorrow - depending on Royal Mail) as I was advised that they shipped yesterday!! It would be fab if that arrived this morning - I could maybe use it today in a scrap layout . . . but no, I MUST crack on with my Christmas cards.
I know I said I would try to only do one post each day but today feels like a two post-er so please check back to see whether scrap booking or Christmas cards won!
However you spend it, I hope you all have a Triffik Tuesday!


scrappyjacky said...

It's always great to craft with a friend....I find I always get so much more done...even though a lot of chatting goes on.
I'm pretty up on my xmas cards as well...but nowhere near your total!!
Happy crafting.

jackid said...

Glad you enjoyed your day Yesterday as scrappyjacky said it's nice when you can craft with friends and like minded people I have only a hand full of xmas cards done most of them were for cmli challenges and so I have a few to do oh well
jacki xx

Cherry said...

You must try Bee Crafty Kathy - definitely worth a trip. Love the ATCs all the colours are really spookalicious and haunting (in a good way).
It is lovely to share ideas face to face.

Hugs Cherry XXX