Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Morning - here it is hump day Wednesday . . . again!

Well what a dull old day it is here today! Properly wintry! Might have to go and put the heating on in a mo. Hubby's gone off to Gloucester on the train again and has taken his umbrella - hope it's not too windy for use, should the need arise!
I'm on my own again today, till mid afternoon so - I've whacked a chilli in the slow cooker and am off to craft!
Last night I printed off some photographs and completed a scrap layout and then used it as the base for a sketch, but I can't show you till the day after tomorrow as it's the layout for Octobers Challenge for the Scrap Addicts group over on craftbubble but do feel free to check it out here on October 1st!

Ever been sat doing something completely unrelated and had a card making thought just pop in to your head? I made a Christmas card yesterday and was watching Foyles War on telly when in to my head popped the thought "TREES! that Christmas card is a themed challenge if ever I saw one"!!! I had been watching QVC's craft show yesterday when they had been featuring embossing paste and I have this lovely (LOVELY) stencil (I know Karen has it too) and some silver embossing paste so I set to work sharpish. Once I'd finished with the embossing paste and removed (and washed) the stencil I hastily sprinkled ultrafine glitter over the top - even more lovely - what do you think? Once my embossing paste was dry I trimmed round the image leaving a small border of the black card before matting on to a lovely Christmas-y red card. I took a slightly larger layer of silver hologram card and laid some check ribbon side to side and top to bottom (like present wrapping) before matting my image and red layers on top and then adhered to my white base card just lower than central, allowing me to finish the card with a peel off sentiment. I hope you all approve and look forward to hearing your comments.

Don't know what's on your work desk but mine just has clearing up so I didn't want to photograph that for WOYWDW over on Craftbubble - plus the fact I work in such a small area that it seldom changes much - aside from the amount of mess that is! So I decided to photograph a different aspect of my work desk and a stamp drawer, full of yummy goodies for you all to salivate over! As you can see, I have my pens and scissors and all sorts of yumminess out on my desk all the time so I can easily reach them. The drawer is one of three which features trees, flowers and leaves - the third one isn't completely full so shares its space with my masculine stamps but perhaps that will be next weeks photo!
I hope you have enjoyed you mini nosey in to my stash - the eagle eyed amongst you will see (on the right and underneath the top pack of stamps) some clear flowers - this is the set which features the lovely (lovely) cone flower featured last week.


scrappyjacky said...

Love the card,Kathy....looks like twinkling stars.

Lauren Hatwell said...

I think its fabulous Kathy. I love that effect. Must have a go with embossing paste. It really does look so effective, particularly with that beautiful stamp. Top job. Lovely pics of your work desk too. Thanks for sharing Kathy.

Have a good one.

Lauren x

Debs M x said...

what a gorgeous card Kathy x

My name is Wynneth said...

This is so beautiful Kathy and I am now regretting putting that stencil and embossing paste back on the stall at Westpoint :O( I held it for a while and talked myself out of buying it ! How stupid am I? Answers on a postcard please!!!!!!

Nice drawers Mrs K!!!!! LOL

Katiejane said...

I dread to think how many stamps you actually have Kathy, have you ever counted them? Or are you too scared?
They'll deffinately keep you going til eternity.
I love that card, my Xmas card from Karen last year featured that image and I was totally blown away. It's amazing how such a simple stencil can create something so gorgeous!
Katie x

Dora said...

O wow Kathy this is awesome, I love that glitter on your card... looks fantastic xxx