Saturday, 25 September 2010

Morning readers . . . . . Watch out for later post

As it's sketchie day today over on craftbubble's Craft Mad & Loving It group and, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will KNOW that I enter most weeks. Actually I think I've missed about two!

So here SHOULD be this week's sketch, set by the lovely Lauren EXCEPT that I can't blooming well get on to the craftbubble web site!! Well that's going to put a crimp in my crafting day and I may have to do HOUS***RK instead - YIKES!

Actually, it looks like a lovely day here today so I'm hoping to get out today too - not sure where though I AM fairly sure there will be some food shopping as we've guests coming to dinner tomorrow evening and they are going to want feeding!

I DO hope that you will all check back with me later to see if I've managed to access craftbubble or whether I've chewed my nails down to my elbows in frustration!!!!

Whatever you are up to this weekend then I hope you will all have a lovely time and I hope that, if you've been feeling poorly, you are starting to feel better (Lauren and Jacky particularly as I know they've both had horrible colds - though Jacky's off to Ally Pally today so HAS to be feeling better).

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xxxtglxxx said...

lol Kathy :) your posts today have made me chuckle! :) what a day you have had!

I have had a lovely day, OH has been doing some DIY, so I was dispatched to the craft room to get out of the way! XD lol.
Lovely photos btw, very special occasions all round.
Have a fab dinner tomorrow - what you cooking? :)