Sunday, 4 July 2010

Artstamps at Newbury Racecourse

WEEELLLLLLL, Hubby decided that he would come home early from the flying field lunchtime and that we would mosey in the Newbury direction - YAYYYYYYY!! As it happened it turned out to be a bit too windy to fly anyhoo so he was home before 11:30 and we've had lunch and are just now making preparations to head off. We have friends in Thatcham too so may pop in and see them, if they're about. Di is a bit craft-y so we might even run in to one or all of them at the racecourse. For those of you who didn't see the link yesterday, here it is again

This photo (to the left) was of the first floor of stamp show, rather than the ground floor - AND it housed the hubby's "CRECHE" (I kid you not, that really was what they called it!!!). Photo below left is of me, looking rather stunned if might say so. Hubby was trying to take a piccie and a stray shopper looked at him, looked at me and just stood between us, gazing at the stamps!!! Gotta love those dedicated shoppers, eh? I didn't actually buy anything from this stall though they had some nice looking art deco stamps but closer inspection revealed . . . . strange looking facial expressions!! 00-er missus perhaps it was wind! and my triumphant photograph below right is of my stash! NOW, what you have to bear in mind is that I was only inside for an hour!!! AND I wanted Paper Artsy's plate HP1004 and the stand was out of stock but, I asked, and snagged their demo set for a tenner instead of £14.95 and only three of the stamps had even been used!! BARGAIN

I endeavoured to A) shop for England and B) take some piccies whilst doing so!!! I hope you appreciate the sacrifice! My credit card is lying in the corner, quivering, as we speak!

Enjoy your Sunday's


Lauren Hatwell said...

Way to go Kathy! Those PA stamps are on my must have list too. They're yummy! What a bargain too... I'm always delighted when somebody, such as your good self, strives for excellence in EVERYTHING they do...and that includes the shopping department. I salute you.....Lauren x

Karen said...

Oh lucky you Kathy, stampers heaven or what. And what a bargain you got with the stamps, and nice bit of stash there!


scrappyjacky said...

Very envious of the PA very into their stamps at the moment....and what a bargain.

judie said...

well done on getting to go hun, those stamps look lush as well, glad you had a fab time, pop the credit card to bed for the night it will have recovered by the morning lol

big hugs
judie xx

Kathyk said...

Lauren - I do TRY you know!
Karen - OH YEAH BABY!!
Jacky - I love Paper Artsy too - it's the only stamp company where I've actually bought a duplicate because I couldn't risk going home without it!
Judie - lol - YOU THINK????!??!??!?

My name is Wynneth said...

oooo.... well done Kathy ;o) I lurve PA too :o) I'm a bit late catching up with your bloggy, so it's all happened while I was totally oblivious!! We did go to Looe for a cream tea this afternoon though - shame it was raining!;o( the CT was yummy though!