Sunday, 11 July 2010


BBQ (I think) was a success and the weather cooled down just enough to make it pleasant. Everything kicked off around 3:00 and went swimmingly and, for once, all the food was done at the same time - here's hubby explaining how this is achieved ..................

Meanwhile, the rest of the party amuses themselves - Nik on her cell phone
After we've eaten and drunk as much as we think we possibly can then it's time for a few of the usual silly games - most of which seem to involve young Harry (to keep him from being bored, I think). Improvised games of football and skittles (with cans)! followed.

And then . . . . around Harry's bed time it seemed a good idea to head off in to the sunset with the "how many people can you squish in to a car" game! Hopefully, they were full enough not to want to go home and make a sandwich!!!!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like it went well,Kathy....and better hot than raining!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Looks like loads of fun Kathy. Glad it all went so well. Lauren x