Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Back from the surrogates

Who'd'a thunk it when we answered the phone yesterday! Surrogate daughter was on the phone asking for some help with some "stuff" she'd bought from W H Smith - it turned out to be some pre scored card for an inkjet printer. She needed to make two cards in quick succession so my hubby set about sourcing and downloading some free software to allow her to do just this. A couple of hours later and she's happy because she has cards for her BIL and another person, using photos of her seven year old son and of her BIL (wearing a silly hat and poking his tongue out for the camera!). We chose to walk down because they only live about a seven minute walk away - regrettably it's all up hill on the way home!! And by the time we left it had started to rain too - so we were a bit damp when we got home so we sat down with a small glass and some cheese whilst we dried out.
So, goodnight dear reader - wonder what will happen tomorrow!!

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scrappyjacky said...

Rain!!!! Whats that!!!!