Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Been out this afternoon

We were driving back though Biddestone village which, as it happens, is very very pretty and we saw this little family of duckies and just had to stop for one of those "Kodak (or in my case Sony) moments"
!! Awwwwwww, aren't they just so cute and couldn't you just tuck them under your arm and take them home with you? This photo of the whole pond gives you an idea of just how pretty the village is. Mind you, aside from the village pub there didn't seem to be much going on there - the pub was, however, doing nicely as we passed!

We had actually been to book my car in for it's MOT and to order some new wiper blades (yawn) and thought we'd come back the "pretty way" as the radio told of tailbacks on the westbound M4 due to an earlier accident and we not only stumbled across the duckies of Biddestone but a new garden centre where . . . . . I found "flying Saucers" - anyone remember them? They took me straight back to my school days but hubby said he'd never EVER heard of them so I simply HAD to buy some . . . . they were 80p. Somehow I remember them fondly as being four for one penny AND having more sherbet inside!! What price nostalgia???? Do you remember them . . . NOW?

To those of you trying to leave comments on my blog . . . I seem to be experiencing technical difficulties and am well out of my depth!!! I shall try to fix it so that you may be able to leave comments and hopefully this will only be temporary!! Wish me luck!
Oh Joy - apparently it's not just me!!! Been on to blogger help screen and LOADS of entries all saying the same, starting yesterday. SO GLAD it's not something I've done and don't know how to undo! Just have to wait until blogger get enough hits for them to do somethign about it - hope it's soon.


Lilian said...

Hello Kathy, Just thought I would see if I could get a message on here.

Lilian said...

I love the ducks and I do remember flying saucers

scrappyjacky said...

Hope it's working now,Kathy....and I definately remember those flying saucers...though I prefered the Sherbert Dabs.

Kathyk said...

OOh yes - Sherbet Fountains with the licorice straws!!!!

Craftyrose said...

Oh haven't been to Biddestone in ages! Have very fond memoories of feeding the duckies there with my granny. Oh and yes I do remember the sherbet flying suacers. had a picture in my head before I even saw the photo! xx

My name is Wynneth said...

It looks lovely there Kathy - maybe a quick visit when we have the craftathon weekend? ;o) I remember flying saucers, there used to be a big box of them in the village sweetie shop and I'd go in a put my penny on the counter and the lovely owner would fill a little pointed bag with about 5 of them :o) Ahhh..... happy childhood days ;o)

Katiejane said...

Oh my goodness, you're a blogger Kathy WOHOO! I knew it wouldn't be long before the temptation would overcome you! You have a lovely looking blog and how cute are those ducklings? Very!!!