Friday, 30 July 2010

Morning readers - another weekend looming large

and what have you all got planned?

As for me, nothing planned exactly but a few things needing to be done. Today sees us both off out researching somewhere fun and craft-y ready for when my crafting buddies come to stay the weekend of August 13th. I need to find somewhere we can amuse ourselves and find coffee too!! There's a garden centre in Bristol that is supposed to have a crafting store within AND next to their coffee shop so hubby and I plan to find out if this true this morning . . . . . .

After a monumental laundry day yesterday there is also the resulting mountain of ironing but that is just to dull to contemplate AND I also have my half finished canvas to continue. Having read two words over of craftbubble this morning I am now having to think about whether I can factor that it to my project . . those two words? ROCK CANDY!!!

I shall be back later to report on the results of our research and perhaps to show the next phase of my canvas - it seems unlikely that I'll get to actually finish it today though . . . .

And for the Friday fun . . . this came by e-mail recently


As and from today a new prototype of speed camera has been installed on the Mumbles road. It is situated between Blackpill and West cross on the LH side as you face Mumbles. Whilst the Motoring Organisations are protesting at its use there will still be a trial period when results will be analysed. It is apparently geared to activate at a speed of 33 mph. The Chief Constable of the area said in a statement - "We welcome this new device which will bring home to motorists that speed kills" A photograph of the device is attached


Katiejane said...

Ooh forget the ironing, hope you found a great crafty haven for your visitors! Katie :)

My name is Wynneth said...

that looks like a mean beastie kathy, thanks for the warning!!!!!!!