Thursday, 1 July 2010

Welcome to Totally Thursday

Woken up to a rather blustery day today here, it's dull and grey (again) but much fresher than of late so I'm hopeful that today won't be the day when I melt in to a little (or big) pool! YAY.

Don't know what's on your agenda today but I'm off to visit a friend today who's a little down and I don't know whether to take chocolates or flowers . . . . she's a little restricted mobility wise and hasn't been out of the house for a little while and I KNOW how that would make me feel (yes, EVEN crazier than usual!). Some helpful mates have said flowers and some chocolates so I'm no nearer a decision and fear I shall have to opt for . . . . both!

For those of you in a creative mood and wanting to get messy why not check out this blog while you are browsing? It's by Suze Weinberg of Ranger Industries and Melt Pot fame and boy are some of her posts good . . . .
I've just posted a page on my little bloglet entitled "Vacations" in my side bar - for those of you who might be interested and to save those of you who aren't from being forced to view!!! Hope you approve. HOWEVER - not knowing much about blogging I've now realised that these additional "pages" are for static information and don't take kindly to adding, changing etc - so I'm sorry you may still have to see my holiday pix on the main blog page!!!
Have a fun day and I'll check back in later ......................


scrappyjacky said...

Definately would go for both!! Suze's post today is amazing...what a talented lady.Have a great day.

My name is Wynneth said...

Hope you have a lovely visit with your friend and I'm sure she'll love her choccies or flowers - whichever you choose!