Monday, 5 July 2010

Challenge ATC from Isle of Skye buddy

Me again, managed to put the materials from my trading swap buddy from the Isle of Skye to use. Here's what she sent me . . . (eyes right people!), one large tag, one small tag and an embossed image of a camera which made me think of American vacations!! My friend, Lauren, had sent me some sticky back plastic (for want of a better description!) so I took myself an ATC and cut a piece of red, a piece of white and a piece of blue sticky backed plastic and covered the ATC. I put a hole through both of the challenge tags and using a silver brad affixed them to my striped ATC using a piece of blue ribbed paper (incidentally left over from my Christmas sketchie yesterday - how handy was that?). I then glued the camera on to the large tag and then found some old sticker "typewriter keys" to spell out U.S.A. and that was the top piece done but the striped ATC itself looked just a smidge bare!! So, after much rummaging through drawers AND proving the point that my husband reckons I have too much stash I found some offcuts papers with dollars on and also the Statue of Liberty - PERFECT for the base card eh? OK, so my ten dollar bill (if you look carefully) is backed by a fifty dollar bill ...... but hey!!!! Whaddya think?

I'm hoping that Pam on the Isle of Skye will like it . . . . now all I have to do is devise a fiendish challenge to send back to her in materials form!!!


judie said...

well done on creating something gorjuss with not a lot !!! very clever, dont forget to show us what yo send her

big hugs
judie xx

Dora said...

Wow Kathy , this is gorgeous ... yes so clever, love it :) xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Its Fantabulous. So glad you found such a great use for the "sticky back plastic". I wholeheartedly approve.

Lauren x

My name is Wynneth said...

Great ATC project Kathy - love the American theme - let's hear it for sticky back plastic!!! Yay ;o)