Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Morning - here we are again hump day Wednesday

so it's all down hill to the weekend . . . and it's raining (again)! I have friend's with birthdays today and tomorrow and honestly, the cards ARE in the post so Happy Birthday to Sandra for today and to Alan for tomorrow - I can't tell you how old they are because then I would have to kill you .... ALL! If you read my post about the BBQ for the surrogates at the weekend then you will have seen the back view of Alan already. My friend, Dorothy, was scheduled to see a specialist about her knees on Monday so I must ring her today to see how she got on and also to find out how her SIL's major operation (also Monday) went - so, busy day catching up for me, plus the inevitable domesticity of shopping, washing, ironing etc. However necessary this all is it really doesn't sound exciting (though I'm obviously hoping to hear good news from my pal Dorothy) and I hope to craft again at some point, there's also the third of Sharon Armstrongs five daily Stamp Giveaways over on on the Lets Get Stamping group. Tuesday's competition closes at 08:00 this morning with the winner being revealed at 09:00 (or thereabouts). Good Luck everybody.

Now I'm not saying I live in the middle of nowhere but this is NOT a common site round here - blackbirds, magpies, crows, sparrows and the occasional sparrow hawk but this ............. NOT common at all - a blooming HERON!!! It was seen on the roof of one of our neighbours last evening and yes, they keep (or might that be KEPT?) a well stocked koi pond - one has to hope they also keep it covered!!!! We watched it for a couple of minutes and watched it "walk" down their roof in a most ungainly fashion before descending on to the unsuspecting neighbours back lawn and/or pond - I do hope the fish were smart enough to keep their heads down!!! else it will have been a fish supper for the heron!


Karen said...

Hey Kathy, maybe the Heron has come over from Florida to see you for a change..... lol. Hope you neighbour has his fish well covered, this heron will be letting his mates know where there's plenty of fish otherwise.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Looks like a big un too doesn't it. We get them here all the time. They can look like Pterodactyls on the ground I think. They're most ungainly aren't they. Great to see them though (I don't have a pond so they don't fill my heart with dread...) Lx